Saturday, April 07, 2012


Happy Saturday!! This morning, I filed our taxes...dun dunnn. I still need to do a double-check through and file taxes for Maiedae, but I'm almost done! So close! Jenny and I have been super busy behind the scenes creating blog designs, logos. and pretty things for some amazing clients. I love being able to feature some of our projects on the blog and wanted to share one I did recently for the lovely Kaitlyn of isavirtue. Kaitlyn is a huge fan of snail mail, stationery, pinks, greys. and hummingbirds. She's also very artistic and wanted to portray that in her design.

Her final look turn out quite lovely. We went with a beautiful watercolor look in her favorite tones of pink and added a few touches of hummingbirds here and there. I even made her twitter icon a, so cute! ;)


Kaitlyn wanted her new look to be present in all of her social networking pages so I created matching designs for her Etsy shop and Twitter page.

Interested in having your blog designed?? Looking for business branding?? Email me at to get more info on our packages! You can also check out more of my work here. :) 

Hooray for Easter!


  1. Oh I just love the feel of this design. Soft and pretty...I love the paint brush effect. And I just noticed your instagram social networking button. Too cute. Did you design it too or find it somewhere? I just got Instagram (I'm an android user) and am so excited about it. :)

    1. Thank you Shaina! -- And welcome to instagram!! I actually just used the instagram camera icon to make the button. :)

    2. Great idea!! :) turned out great!

  2. so beautiful I love your work I have been working a lot with watercolor as well I just love it.

  3. Pretty design! And I love that camera lens you are loving this week. Just ordered it for a photography workshop next month. Such a great value! : ) Hope you're having an amazing weekend.


  4. You have such a beautiful blog! I took a look at preview posts and I really like it.
    New fan :)


  5. looks so great!! seriously. beautiful! xo