Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Today, Soren is three months old! We've definitely been enjoying all of his sounds, smiles and little peeks into his personality. He wants so much to sit, grab and stand even though he's not old enough. It's so cute to see that determined look on his face. I have to say that it's become more fun being a parent and less tiring lately. I can hardly wait for all of the fun and new things to come. :)

FAVORITE TOY: I'm trying to get him into liking Sofie the Giraffe. He still prefers faces and playing with us over toys right now. :) GROWTH: He's nearing 13.5 pounds and has a huge noggin. ;) He's tall and lean, which means he's growing quickly out of his clothes! I packed up all of his newborn clothes the other day and I'm now wondering if we need to go up to 3-6 months soon. Goodness! FEEDING: He's gotten a lot more serious about feeding times and isn't wanting to feed nearly as much as he was when he was a newbie. I'm thankful for that! SLEEP: He's starting to have more and more nights where he's sleeping anywhere from 4-6 hours in a row. It's not every night but almost! DEVELOPMENT: Tummy time has been going really well! He's holding his head up much better! I'm wondering when he'll start trying to roll-over. He smiles all the time and today was the first time he let out a little giggle. Of course, it was at his dad for acting silly. We nearly burst into tears of happiness after hearing him. It was too cute for words. FAVORITE MOMENT: I love our conversations together. He gets really into his coo-ing and loves when we talk to him, use silly accents, sing and make crazy noises. :) He's usually the most talkative in the morning which totally makes my day awesome. LOOKING FORWARD TO: Experiencing more and more firsts!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


This week was an exciting week because Jon and I FINALLY finished our living room painting project! We had a lot of work to do in that room and with having a baby, it took a bit of extra time. ;) Now that the painting is done, it feels like a completely different room and not a dingy, old space. I can't wait to show you the progress this week!

This week we've been taking it easy since it's been a busy couple of weeks. We also decided to take next Monday off and enjoy a long weekend. If the weather permits, I have plans to visit the zoo! -- Also, Jenny is SO close to her due date, I can hardly wait to meet Rowan, and Soren's future best friend. ;) What an exciting time!!

Snapshots of the Week: 1// I don't believe I'll ever get my studio organized, but I'm hoping these new office supplies help motivate me! In love with Target. 2// Our Easter family photo! Love my men! 3// Starting to record my living well journey on my Instagram account! I'll be sharing some of my meals and progress! Follow me here! 4// I'm having a closet sale and selling some great pieces! More information below!

Favorite Posts/Pins/Articles:
* What a brilliant idea! Using lockers for a pantry!
* Kinda really want this bike for my birthday.
* Ashley is one of my favorite YouTubers, I just love this Beauty & Wellness haul video she recently posted.
* Must try this smoothie recipe!

Inspiring Me this Week:
Time to get active and get my body strength back up after having a baby! I'm starting off slow, but I've been loving Blogilates! Such fun, motivational videos!

3 Things About Yours Truly:
* I don't mind getting shots, but I get a little queasy giving blood.
* I've been on a Boy Meets World watching binge lately. Favorite show!
* I have to have a giant jug of water and lip balm on my nightstand before going to bed.

And Now for Some Announcements! 
1// I'm having a closet sale on Instagram! Follow me at @shopsavscloset to bid! I'll be posting items throughout the remainder of this month. I've got dresses, Minnetonkas and great accessories up for grabs! Even a fab pair of Jeffery Campbell's!

2// Want to advertise on my blog?! I still have a few Spring Sale spots up for grabs! Check out this post for more info or on visit my advertise page!

3// I wanna hear your thoughts! I'm putting together an upcoming video list for my YouTube channel and would love to hear some of the videos you would like to see! Let me know your recommendations!

Monday, April 21, 2014


Spring is here, and so is mommyhood! This means that most days I only have a small window of time to get ready. I like to look alive to the world, especially if we need to run errands or if we're having visitors over. I usually save my signature full-face for special outings, and mainly go to this look throughout the week. Check out my easy, on-the-go spring inspired look! Perfect to brighten up a tired face. :)

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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Basics are my new favorite, currently. I might have gone on a mini shopping spree at Target a week ago to stock up on some great basic pieces that are comfortable and still easy to nurse in! I think a great way to make more neutral, simple pieces have a pop of interests is all in the accessories. I love combining fun jewelry, shoes and scarfs to give an outfit a little more "punch". Still figuring out ways to best dress my new postpartum body and feeling like a might be leaning towards a shift in style. Pinterest is probably my very favorite place for collecting style inspiration! It's probably time I go through my closet and figure out some of the pieces I'm missing.

Any tips on re-accessing your style and organizing your closet? Would love to hear!

Wearing: 1// Royal Blue Scarf - Target 2// Camel Cardi - Target 3// Striped Tank - Target 4// Jeans - Urban Outfitters 5// Spotted Flats - Urban Outfitters 6// Bracelets & Earrings - Forever21

Photos edited using A Beautiful Mess, signature collection actions in color pop.