Wednesday, December 12, 2012


While decorating, making wish-lists, wrapping gifts, baking, and listening to a little Bing Crosby are fun ways to celebrate the holidays, I think one of the most important things to do each year is to take time to reflect. Reflect on the year; the times full of joy and the times filled with sadness, the new people you've met and the old friends you've gotten closer to, the big life moments and your favorite memories. After thinking about the previous year and its memories, it's exciting to think about the year ahead and what's to come. :)

For the last day of 12 Days of Christmas Cheer, I'll be sharing some of my favorite tips for reflecting on the year and getting excited about stepping into 2013! Personally, I feel like 2013 is going to be filled with life-changing moments. Jenny and I had our end of the year Maiedae meeting last night and we are thrilled about our plans for 2013. While I'm planning to soak up every last bit of 2012...I cannot WAIT for 2013.

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Tips for Reflecting
1// Retreat - While you might not be able to pack your bags and visit your favorite getaway, think of a place that gives you peace and makes you feel relaxed. Maybe that's a local coffee shop or a favorite room in your home. Set aside some calendar time before the end of the year to visit your "retreat" and let the reflecting begin!

2// Record - What is your favorite way to record things? Maybe you have a journal or use a tablet to take notes on. Bring your favorite journal and take time to write out some of your favorite memories. What did you love about the year? What did you dislike about the year? What are you looking forward to in 2013? How do you want to grow? Write out your thoughts and keep it in a place you can refer to throughout the year and for next year's reflection time.

3// Listen - I think it's safe to say that a lot of people have an emotional connection to music. Create a playlist of your favorite and most inspirational tunes and listen to your playlist while your reflecting on the year. Take your time, sing along, and enjoy the process. :)

4// Goals - When setting goals and thinking about the year to come, be realistic and set goals that really make you excited! Decide whether you're a year-by-year, seasonal, monthly or weekly goal person and set goals according to what motivates you most.

5// Review - Grab someone close to you and ask them to talk with you about your reflections. Ask them to give you feedback on your thoughts for 2013 and laugh with them over memories from 2012.

6// Enjoy - Soak up everyday. This is the last 2012 and also the only 12-12-12! Celebrate, laugh, and find joy. Whatever you celebrate this holiday season, celebrate with those you love and make sure they know how much you truly love them.

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Ok, friends! Live it up! Thank you so much for following along with our 12 Days of Christmas Cheer! I hope you enjoyed the little inspirations and DIYs along the way. :) Be sure to check out Jenny's blog later this evening to read her last Cheer post. I'll be getting back to my regularly scheduled posts starting tomorrow! In the meantime, I've got some Christmas cards to finish and some gifts to wrap!


  1. Wonderful tips! Thanks for reminding me to stop and appreciate the year. :)

  2. Anonymous12.12.12

    Lovely! Great tips to use all the time :)

  3. I love the record tip because I know that when I write in my journal, I always feel so relaxed and at ease.

  4. A great and well written post - I particularly love the idea of setting "seasonal goals!" - I'm going to adopt this idea for sure!

  5. Oh dear, thanks for this post! It's such a great thing to reflect. I discovered your site from A Beautiful Mess and fall in love instantly! You're so inspirational and enthusiastic! Keep rocking, I'm a big big fan xx