My name is Savannah and I am a 25 year old wife, entrepreneur, designer, nester, and futuristic thinker. My husband and I are excitedly expecting our first child, Soren Lind Wallace on February 3, 2014. :)

I spent my childhood with my two younger siblings in Seattle, Washington. On my eighth birthday, my family packed up and moved to Georgia where I have spent the remainder of my life. Growing up, I was home-schooled by my very talented mother. In high school, I was first introduced to my love of the arts through a local arts program. I spent time participating in theatre, learning art history, and becoming acquainted with music. My fire for creativity quickly grew as I explored and tried out different creative outlets. 

I also met and started dating my high school sweetheart, Jon. Now, that sweetheart is my husband! We both applied to the same college and, during our senior year of high school, were accepted to Berry College in Rome, Georgia. 

During this time I got the wild idea that, more than anything, I wanted to be a chemist. I have no idea what came over me, but this venture only lasted one semester when I realized there was a huge difference between enjoying something and being truly passionate about something. That realization made me take the leap to major in Visual Communication. I spent the remainder of college taking as many creative classes as I possibly could. I focused most of my time on graphic design, but also enjoyed photography, pottery, and videography courses along the way. Berry is also where I met my best friend & business partner, Jenny Highsmith. We graduated in May 2010 and, in a whirlwind, everything changed around me.

Jonathan and I married a week after graduation, went on our Disney honeymoon, moved into our little place in Atlanta, and I started a full time job in Atlanta as in-house graphic designer and Jon started as a developer for Moxie in downtown Atlanta. 

We currently live in a cozy home outside of Atlanta with our two sweet boy kitties Kaito and Kyo, and a roommate named Glenn. We are passionate about pursuing our dreams, building a strong community of friends, and spending time with family.

This blog is dedicated to sharing my life as a wife, mamma to be, business co-owner and twenty-something living in the city of Atlanta. I post about the things I truly love and are part of my day to day life. Here is some of what you can find here on the blog:

Current Series
* PROJECT HOME - A diary of being a new homeowner and my decorating process. 
* BEAUTY - Weekly videos and posts about beauty with a heavy dose of pampering.
* OH BABY - Thoughts, advice and recourses on being a mamma! 
* LIVING WELL - A balance & wellness series about living a full life. 
* WEAR - A fashion log of some of my favorite outfits. 
CAPTURED & LIFE - Bits and pieces of everyday life shared.
FANCY SHMANCY - A collection of things I love. 
WEEKLY WRAP-UP - A wrap up of the week in photos, inspiring finds, interesting facts and favorite reads. 

Thank you for reading! I'm so glad you're here. :)