Monday, March 31, 2014


This weekend, the grandparents kept an eye on Soren while Jon and I started our living room painting project. Our living room had lots of wood trim and we've been working on painting it all white, re-painting the walls and fixing up some of the flooring. I can't wait until it's done! I'll be sure to share once we get it complete. :)

This week I'm working hard on lots of Maiedae work, including some fun new client designs! We are also taking Soren in for his 2 month appointment on Wednesday. I can't wait to hear about how much he's grown!

Snapshots of the Week: 1// I love Jenny's beautiful work. Especially this new print. :) 2// I love all of the little blooms in our neighborhood. 3// Been enjoying smoothies a lot lately! 4// Soren and I during out walk the other day.

Favorite Posts/Pins/Articles:
* Seed Starting 101
* Just reached over 5k followers on my YouTube channel! Thank you so much!!!
* Speaking of YouTube, I can't get enough of Ingrid's apartment tour.
* Oh! I really want to make this homemade Oatmeal Almond soap!

Inspiring Me this Week:
This week I'm feeling inspired to keep up with my scheduling and healthy eating. Last week went really well, and I'd like to continue that momentum, while still enjoying my family. :)

3 Things About Yours Truly:
* I prefer homemade cookies over store bought.
* I do my best graphic design work during the middle of the day.
* I LOVE the feeling I get after finishing a home-improvement project.

Friday, March 28, 2014


Sharing my favorite foundation and application tools in my new foundation routine video! Let's be real, I usually only put on a full face of make-up 1-3 times a week at the most. When I'm at home working and spending time with Soren, I like to let my skin breathe and don't usually wear anything. I also have a 5 minutes make-up routine that I'm planning to share soon! Perfect for the on-the-go mommy/entrepreneur. ;) Thanks so much for watching!

* The POREfessional - Benefit //
* Outlast 3-in-1 Foundation - Covergirl //
* Beauty Blender //
* Boiing - Benefit //
* Concealer Brush - BareMinerals //
* Mineral Veil - BareMinerals //
* Powder Brush - Real Techniques //
* Blush Brush - Real Techniques //
* Amazonian Clay Blush - Tarte //
* Setting Spray - Urban Decay //

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Thursday, March 27, 2014


Yesterday, Soren was officially 2 months old. These past 8 weeks have been incredible. Both in an amazing and challenging way. We are starting to feel more and more natural at this parenting thing. I've loved falling in love with our son, learning how to be a mommy, and learning how to be a parent with Jon. I love trusting my mommy instinct and feeling that "mama bear" intensity rise up in me. Aside from being a wife, playing the role of mommy has been one of the best things I've done in my life.

The above photo is Soren at one month and at two months! I've loved watching him grow and develop. He recently started really smiling at us and responding to our voices. There are no words to describe how fulfilling those sweet looks are. Jon and I are just crazy about him! I feel very present with him and I'm doing my best to soak up every moment I possibly can. :)

FAVORITE TOY: Soren has really developed an interest in his play-mat. We got him this one that has a lot of tactile toys and noises. He'll usually lay there and play for about 30 minutes each day. GROWTH: His 2 month appointment is next week. When he had his last appointment three weeks ago he was 11 pounds! Which is a great growth from his nearly 8 pounds at his 1 week appointment. I'm excited to see how much he's grown since then! FEEDING: I'm currently nursing him and hoping to nurse exclusively for 6 months - year. He feeds a lot but is much more "down to business" now than he was when he was a newbie. SLEEP: I'm getting up with him 2-3 times each night to feed and change his diaper. He usually sleeps in 3 hour chunks of time. You can usually find me watching Project Runway while nursing in the wee hours of the night. ;) DEVELOPMENT: He's been holding his head up a lot more! He makes lots of noises and coos. He is also smiling lots. :) He sometimes chuckles in his sleep, I can't wait to hear him laugh for real! FAVORITE MOMENT: Lately I've really been looking forward to bath-time. Sometimes we put him in his infant bath and other times we'll hold him and float him around in the big tub. He just loves the water and is so focused and quiet. I love seeing him kick his little legs and work on his splashing skills. ;)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


It can be a little tricky styling curly hair. Most of the time my hair just has a mind of its own and really doesn't want to be tamed! One of my favorite tricks is using a scarf in my hair to help keep things in place and make the look seem like I put more effort into it than I really did. ;)

Since I dye my hair red, I definitely get roots! Wearing a scarf is my favorite way to semi-hide those roots and keep things looking fresh until my next dye job. :) Putting this video together just made me wish for spring even more!

I'm currently working on new videos for the spring season!! Have any requests pertaining to beauty, mommy or lifestyle that you would like to see?! Please let me know in the comments below!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Last weekend, we got to throw a baby shower for Jenny! It was so much fun planning a party and I loved being able to host it at my place. Our newly painted dining room made for the perfect party room! Of course, I couldn't resist the beautiful party supplies from the new Oh Joy line at Target. I might have gone a little crazy. ;) -- We decided to have lots of sweets at the party! We had delicious macarons from 'Lette (see awesome coupon code below!) and cupcakes from CamiCakes as well as a bowl full of yummy fruit and Jenny's famous punch.

I loved watching Jenny open all her gifts! I can't wait to see how Rowan's nursery comes together and be able to meet the little man in April or May! I just love being able to celebrate life with wonderful friends. :)

Planning a baby shower while having a newborn can be a little tricky, so I loved that places like 'Lette Macarons shipped us cookies overnight to enjoy! 'Lette is so kind and is offering my readers an exclusive %15 discount on all orders placed between now and next Tuesday. Just pick out your favorites on their website and email your order to: or call (310) 275-0023. Don't forget to mention "Maiedae Macarons" to receive your discount! 

Monday, March 24, 2014


Greatest Challenge as a Mom
I've only been a mom for a few weeks now, so I don't have a lot of experience with challenges yet.  But so far, I'd have to say that the greatest one for me has been the same one that every mom with a newborn faces: adjusting to a new (and very unpredictable!) sleep schedule. My husband's career keeps him away from home a lot (he is the Stage Manager for a band that is on the road six months of the year), and the first few nights he was away and I was on my own without any help were pretty brutal. I'm not very good at napping during the day, and after an average of two hours of sleep a night over three nights, I was a major zombie. I work from home so I only took a two week maternity leave, and that's been a challenge too. I have faith that I'll learn as I go though, and I know that eventually we'll create a balance that works for all of us!

Greatest Joy
My greatest joy is getting to wake up to my sweet Essley girl every morning. Seeing her sweet face brings me instant happiness. She is by far the coolest thing to ever happen to me!

Favorite Memory Being a Mom
So far, my favorite memory would be right after Essley was born, when the nurses put her on my chest, skin to skin. I had a pretty grueling 30 hour labor and quite a few scares (I was induced at 39 weeks due to Gestational Hypertension), and was at the point where I wasn't sure she'd ever arrive.  But she finally did! I was so relieved, in complete awe, and fell in love at first sight.

A Word of Advice
There is so much advice out there (and I've definitely gotten my fair share of it), but in the end, every mom/family/baby is different, and no one thing works for everyone else. So my word of advice would be to learn as you go, figure out what works best for you, and take the rest with a grain of salt. I was so worried before she was born because I had no experience, and it seemed like a lot of the advice I'd gotten and things I'd read contradicted one another. But so far, I've been able to figure it out just fine. It's amazing how much natural instinct we have as mothers!

5 Resources You LOVE as a Mom
1// La Leche League International. This is such an invaluable reference and area of support for breastfeeding mothers. 2// Aden and Anais swaddle blankets.  These muslin blankets make swaddling easy (and they make great burp cloths too!). 3// WubbaNub Pacifier. Essley has the giraffe WubbaNub and she loves it. It's an easy, effective way to soothe (and so much harder to lose than regular pacifiers!). 4// Happiest Baby on the Block. A friend lent us the DVD of this and we watched it in the hospital while I was recovering. Essley is a night crier and several of the techniques Dr. Karp teaches have worked wonders for us. 5// Boppy Nursing Pillow. This thing has been basically attached to me since Essley's birth! It's comfortable for both mommy and baby, and makes nursing an even more enjoyable experience.

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This weekend, I got to celebrate Jenny and the soon-to-be arrival of little Rowan! We threw a baby shower for her at my place and it was so much fun! I'll be sharing pictures from the shower tomorrow. I might have gone a little overboard on the party supplies at Target. ;)

This week I'm busy preparing taxes, working on lots of Maiedae stuff, and relaxing. Soren will be 2 months on Wednesday and I CAN'T believe it! He's already grown out of his newborn clothes. He's turning into such a little cutie.

Snapshots of the Week: 1// Love these beautiful swaddle blankets from Coveted Things. So soft and sweet. :) 2// Lucky Charms are my weakness. 3// Bought way too many goodies from Oh Joy's line at Target. So fun! 4// My little muppet buddy!

Favorite Posts/Pins/Articles:
* Planning to make this soup this week.
* Love this "Secrets of a Stylish Mom" series.
* Yummy breastfeeding smoothie!
* Really love this new blog and her beautiful photos/recipes.

Inspiring Me this Week:
I've been meal planning and getting back into my healthy lifestyle/eating. So far so good. I love the way I feel when I'm eating healthy and being active! Looking forward to shedding the rest of my baby weight and getting my muscle tone back. ;) Hooray!

3 Things About Yours Truly:
* One of my favorite pass-times is building Legos with Jon. I like to help him find the pieces. ;)
* I've only had three pedicures in my life.
* I use Caps Lock instead of Shift.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Now that things are settling in a little with Soren, Jon and I have been taking the time here and there to make a little bit of progress on our home. We have a lot of painting planned and some exciting big projects for this year! Currently, I've been working little by little on decorating my studio space. I painted it before having Soren and am not crazy about the color so I'll be re-painting it and getting everything together to create a functional space!

Here are a few inspiration photos of what I'm thinking for the studio!

1// Originally, I painted the studio a super light mint color. After taking the time to look at it for a while and "feel it out", I decided it wasn't the right color for the space and for the lighting. Instead I'll be pulling out our cans of black chalkboard paint and painting the top half black and leaving the bottom white. I think it will give it a really interesting look and I love the idea of being able to draw on the walls. :) I'm thinking about having Jenny write out Maiedae in her fancy handwriting. :) I have a wooden desk, so I like how this photo shows what the two could look like together.

2// I have plans for lots of gold accessories. Target was having a sale on a lot of their home pieces so I snagged some really beautiful gold desk accents!

3// Since we have hardwood floor throughout, I wanted to find a really great plush rug to put in the space. I would love a rug that would be great for Soren to play on and cozy up to. It's hard finding a beautiful neutral rug that doesn't shed, stays looking great, and is kid-friendly...your suggestions are welcome! :)

4// I love a well organized space with lots of storage and a place for everything! Outside of a desk, I'm working on figuring out what type of storage I need and what would look best in the space.

I can't wait to show you the progress post soon!

Photo Credit: Smitten Studio, The Everygirl, Eva Black Design

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I don't know what it is about this color, but it seems to bring out the best in my skin tone and hair. I think when I get to a place where I'm ready to start building up my wardrobe again, I will go on a hunt for more pieces with this color. What a fantastic tone for spring and summer too!

Since I was having a little bit of a pants crisis... (Maternity pants too big and pre-pregnancy pants too small)...I decided to pick up a pair from Target to help me out during this "in-between" phase. I typically wear super fitted pants and went for a more relaxed "boyfriend" fit. I REALLY like these. They are super comfortable and perfect for helping me through this transition.

Wearing: 1// Geometric Kimono Top - American Threads 2// Cobalt Button-Up Blouse - Nordstrom Rack 3// Boyfriend Jeans - Target 4// Blue Wedges - Target

Photos edited using A Beautiful Mess actions

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Top to bottom: 1// 11 weeks 2// 14 weeks 3// 18 weeks 4// 19 weeks 5// 22 weeks 6// 26 weeks 7// 28 weeks 8// 30 weeks 9// 32 weeks 10// 33 weeks 11// 34 weeks 12// 35 weeks 13// 37 weeks 14// 38 weeks 15// 39 weeks

Now that Soren is nearly 2 months, I've been feeling a little nostalgic about being pregnant with him and love that I documented most of my pregnancy in photos. It's crazy looking back and thinking about how fast the pregnancy went by. I've really enjoyed not being pregnant anymore and actually having him to snuggle with! ;) Being pregnant with him was such a special experience and I'm so thankful for everything I learned. -- This might sound a little cliche, but I am AMAZED at how a woman's body can grow life and give birth. It truly is incredible.

I'm loving this season of being on the other side of pregnancy and learning how to be a mommy. If you would have asked me after giving birth if I wanted more children I probably would have laughed hysterically in your face. Now that time has passed and some of that pregnancy/labor "amnesia" has set in, I'm very much looking forward to continuing to grow our family in the future. But right now, Jon and I will just focus on this first year with little Soren and go from there. ;)

Monday, March 17, 2014


This weekend, some close friends came to visit us and play with Soren. It was so nice to have guests over and share Soren with people we love. :) Our friends got married the day after Jon and me, so we love celebrating our anniversaries together. May will be our 4 year anniversary and we're planning a mountain trip in June. It will be fun to take Soren on his first trip. I just loving planning little getaways. :)

On Sunday, Jon watched Soren for me while I took a little mommy time and went shopping. After getting home I spent some time working on my studio. Lots of organizing and decorating to do! Can't wait to start working in there soon. :) It was so sweet of Jon to encourage me to have "me" time. I needed it more than I thought I did. I'm very thankful nursing/pumping is going so well, it's allowed me to have some special time out and a few little dates with Jon. Definitely a gift. 

This week is exciting! One of my best friends, Anica is coming into town for a week from California to meet Soren and help me throw a baby shower for Jenny! Hooray for baby showers!!

Snapshots of the Week: 1// A little nap with Soren. I've really been enjoying all of our time together. :) 2// A little snapshot from our nighttime routine. 3// Studio decorating! 4// We've had a handful of amazingly beautiful days lately. Hoping for more soon! 

Favorite Posts/Pins/Articles:
* Love this darling hanging DIY diamond!
* Thinking about investing in a Fitbit, thoughts?
* Salted caramel and chocolate popcorn bars, what?! 
* LOVE's new collection. So fun!
* A tour of wellness warrior, Kris Carr's pantry

Inspiring Me this Week:
As mentioned above, I've been doing some work in my studio. My studio used to be the dining room and we decided to convert it into a work space. I painted it before Soren arrived, but after several weeks of staring at the color, I've decided to re-paint. I have lots of organizing to do and some it will be wonderful to see it come together and become a functional space. :)

3 Things About Yours Truly:
* I buy too many things at Target. 
* The next two movies I will buy will be Frozen and The Lego Movie. :)
* We are DIYing our kitchen tiling and home exterior painting this year! I can't wait.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


I really love a great bag, and by great bag I mean...well-made, attractive, has lots of organized pockets, and is practical for many uses. Over the past couple years I developed a small collection of these types of bags from four fantastic small-businesses. I love each of them and find myself using each of these bags in different ways. I'm not a fan of an obvious diaper bag, so having something that looks great and is super functional is a huge plus!

Check out my favorites and get a detailed review on each of these diaper/camera/work bags plus a good peek inside!

* Rose Teal Bag - Jo Totes
* Charlie Bag - Timi & Leslie
* Libby Bag - Kelly Moore
* The Madeline Bag - Lily Jade

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Thursday, March 13, 2014


Before getting pregnant with Soren I was eating very healthy and staying active several time each week. I felt great and loved my new motivation towards health and living well. After getting pregnant I became way less active and gave into cravings A LOT. Especially sweets. ;)  During this time I gave myself "pregnant" mercies and just let myself be ok with enjoying my cravings but still doing my best to also include healthy food into my diet regularly.

After having Soren I really wanted to take time to get back to it, start eating whole and yummy foods, and start being active again. I'm waiting my my doctor's final thumbs up to start exercising, but in the meantime I've been putting together a list of goals and ideas about how I can get back into shape and start living a healthy lifestyle again. It can be really difficult to get back into healthy living, it's especially difficult sticking to it! Here are a couple of things I'm doing in order to motivate myself and encourage myself to stick to it. :)

1. Set Attainable Goals - I'm trying to start simple by setting easy and straightforward goals at first. I don't want to overdo my expectations and lose steam if I can't accomplish them.

2. Baby Steps - When setting goals and rules for myself I love also giving it a timeline. For this first set of goals I'm planning to stick to it for 2 months and then re-evaluate and set new goals at the end of the two months. My hope is to create habits for myself while also creating defined stepping stones.

3. Rewards! - At the end of my 2 months I plan to reward myself after sticking to my plan. This will help motivate me to make it to the end of the two months and keep focused. Reward systems are the best. ;) Since I'm working on shedding lbs from the baby weight, my reward at the end of the two months will be a shopping budget for some new clothes. I can't wait. :)

4. Accountability - It's sad to say, but I find it quite easy to let myself down, especially when it comes to health. However, I have found that I get really motivated when someone is depending on me to follow through. Accountability is a powerful thing! Jon will be helping me out with these goals and he's planning to set some of his own for the next two months that I'll help hold him accountable to as well.

I'm currently working on writing out all of my goals and after I have my doctors appointment next week I'm planning on getting started! Maybe Soren will join me while I'm doing this??? ;)

Photo via Deb Schwedhelm

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


It's been interesting how whenever I look into my closet and consider what I want to wear that day I'm thinking..."Would this be easy to nurse in?" My, oh my, how things change. :) Today, Soren is 6 weeks old! I can hardly believe he is nearly two months. He's growing and changing in so many fun ways. :)

Wearing: 1// Hat - GAP 2// Fringe Top - Forever21 3// Chambray Top - Urban Outfitters 4// Jeans - Target 5// Platform Shoes - c/o Blowfish

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I recently sent out Soren's birth announcements to family and friends sharing his stats and some of our favorite photos over the past month. After doing a lot of searching, we decided to go with Minted. I loved that they had a beautiful selection of layouts to choose from and customizable envelope options. We love how they turned out! What a perfect way to create a special keepsake for our loved ones. :) It's been so fun and incredible watching him grow over the past 6 weeks and celebrating him with others. We're crazy about this little guy. ;)

Monday, March 10, 2014


I successfully made it through the first week back to work with baby Soren. I just had to learn to take full advantage of any time he would give me during his naps. Doing my best to be intentional with my time is helping a lot! I'm also becoming quite skilled at performing tasks and using the computer with one-hand. -- Let's see how week 2 goes. ;)

Now that we're working on getting ourselves back to a regular schedule, we've been planning out some exciting house projects that we want to complete in 2014. Some of these include finishing up the living room, putting together my studio, re-doing the flooring in the kitchen and getting the exterior of the house painted. I can't wait to see more progress done! -- Btw, I've been reading Happier at Home a lot lately and am really loving it so far!

Snapshots of the Week: 1// My boys. Love this picture of them so much. 2// Rifle Paper Co. makes my work days so much brighter. I'm especially loving this weekly list pad! 3// Playing with new photoshop actions from ABM. 4// Little muppet. I just love those sweet eyes. :)

Favorite Posts/Pins/Articles: 
* Kinda really want to try out some of these juices from Project Juice!
* LOVE this beautiful French inspired baby shower.
* We are huge Lego fans and definitely will be doing this with Soren when he gets older.
* Loving the new ABM shop! I've been playing around with their new actions lately and have been loving them. Can't wait to see what else they release throughout the year!
* Did you know I'm now blogging over at Disney Baby?! Check out my posts here. :)

Inspiring Me this Week:
I'm feeling really inspired to continue being intentional with my time. Of course, there are times when I really just need to get a nap in during the day right now, but when I DO have time available in-between nursing, changing, and cuddling...I'm planning to use that to get work done and projects done. So far it's really been helping me a lot and has made me feel less stressed about trying to get x-y-z done before a certain time.

3 Things About Yours Truly:
* I am HORRIBLE at decorating bookshelves.
* I'm also the worst at going through mail.
* One of my new favorite things to do is go on family walks. Especially with how beautiful the weather in Georgia has been lately. :)

Weekly Question (please give your answer below!)
* Do you have a favorite mom blog? I'm on the lookout for more to add to my daily read. Please share below!

Friday, March 07, 2014


Hello! I'm excited to share some of my beauty and lifestyle related favorites with you from the month of February! -- As well, I'm planning to start transitioning my YouTube channel to also covering mommy and lifestyle related topics as well as beauty. If you have any suggestions or video requests, I would love you hear your thoughts as I'm brainstorming new content! :)

* Knotty to Nice Detangler - Not Your Mothers
* Facial & Eye Make-Up Remover Wipes - Simple
* In the Light Palette - Stila 
* Creaseless Cream Shadow in RSVP - Benefit 
* Ro's Argan Body Conditioner - LUSH 
* Cake Nursing Bra - BURU 

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Thursday, March 06, 2014


This is my first "Wear" post in a long time as well as my first "Wear" post since the baby bump! It was nice to take a little break because let's be real, the end of my pregnancy and first month of Soren's life I was wearing nothing but PJs. ;) I do have to say that it's been a little difficult finding clothes that fit from my closet. Maternity wear is too big and my old clothes are too small. Tricky!

I should point out a few of my favorite things about this outfit. First of all, braids! I've never worn my hair like this before but I quite like it. Something a little different! Second, this cardigan is the best thing ever, so soft and handmade! The folks at have got it going on. I also love that there are multiple ways to wear this piece. Finally, I'm in love with this diaper bag/purse hybrid from Lily Jade, how cool is it that it can also be worn as a backpack? Planning to do a more in-depth round-up/review of my favorite camera/purse/diaper bags soon!

Wearing: 1// Wrapped Cardigan - c/o 2// Diaper Bag - c/o Lily Jade 3// Earrings - Forever21 4// Peach & Navy Top - c/o Lalamagic 5// Pants - Forever21 6// Shoes - Forever21 6// Lipstick - Shame by Urban Decay

Photos edited using A Beautiful Mess actions!

Wednesday, March 05, 2014


I'm 5 weeks postpartum today and very much looking forward to getting the thumbs-up from my doctor to start exercising again. I've felt so much enthusiasm and motivation to get myself back into shape and I'm really hoping to make some great lifestyle changes to promote healthy eating and exercise in my life on a consistent basis. In the meantime, I've been collecting recipes and resources to help inspire me once I get to that place. Here is a round-up of some of my current favorite resources:

1// The Ultimate Clean Eating Shopping List - Move Nourish Believe 2// Boost Your Immune System - Free People Blog 3// 30 Days of Juicing - Williams-Sonoma Taste 4// Green Smoothies You'll Want to Drink - Elle 5// Postpartum Exercise Timeline - Popsugar Moms

Tuesday, March 04, 2014


It's funny how when you're pregnant you spend a lot of time thinking about what the baby will need, labor, delivery, caring for a newborn...but not a lot of thought about how to care for yourself during the healing process after delivery. One thing I've said over and over again to different people who've asked is that I mentally prepared myself for little sleep and the challenges of caring for a new baby but I never considered the fact that I would need to be cared for myself. Not being in the best place physically after giving birth makes caring for your new little one even more of a challenge. Thank goodness as much as this time is difficult that it is also so beautiful and special, too. It really makes everything worth it. :)

Just to share a little with you about my experience, during the delivery my doctor decided to give me an episiotomy. On top of this procedure I also ended up getting a 3rd degree tear and a lot of bruising. Of course, I wasn't aware of any of this during the delivery but needless to say shortly after giving birth my body felt it. My doctor told me to take it easy, don't lift anything heavier than Soren, be careful of going up and down stairs and allow my body to heal for 6 weeks. I honestly didn't think I would need that long to heal, but to my surprise, and currently going into week 5, I definitely see how it really just takes time and lots of care to recover. The first 3 weeks were the most challenging but soon after, each day I felt a little better. I feel like I'm almost on the other side of everything physically, but the whole process was definitely difficult and emotional.

During my time at home right after birth, I found several items to be essential and so helpful during the process. Some of these items I still use and will probably continue to use for the weeks to come. As well, I asked the question on Instagram a few weeks before giving birth about what your suggestions were and received SO much amazing advice. I've incorporated some of those ideas into the list below. These are all items I've used and found extremely helpful during my healing process. Although this list is based on a vaginal birth and for breastfeeding mamas, you can certainly adapt it to what you need! -- Lastly, don't be discouraged during this time. Give yourself lots of mommy mercy and understand that your body went through A LOT. You are a rockstar. Learn to be at peace with the time it will take to heal. You've got this!!

* Yoga Shorts - Getting a pair of tight fitting yoga shorts are absolutely perfect for keeping pads and ice packs together "down there". It makes everything feel so much more comfortable. I got mine in the exercise section of Target.
* Nursing Tanks - I wear these ALL the time. I purchased mine from Target and loved that they have a built in bra. It made nursing in the hospital and at home extremely easy. They are also nice looking, too, and can be incorporated into an everyday outfit when you get out of the house.
* Nursing Sleep Bra - I also picked up a pack of two from Target. They are just a basic nursing bra, but super comfy to sleep in. I'm constantly washing and wearing mine over and over again.
* Supportive Nursing Bra - It's so important to get a great, comfortable nursing bra that's supportive to wear during the day and outside of the house. I love this Cake nursing bra from Buru, I also love that it looks sexy too! ;) (Enter to win a Buru giveaway below!) 
* Cozy Loungewear - One thing I'm SO glad I did before having Soren was invest in some cute and comfortable loungewear. I picked up a variety of nice PJ pants, button up tops and a lightweight robe. I suggest checking out the clearance section to find great deals. Once again, I got most of mine from Target. It just felt so nice to be wearing new, somewhat attractive PJs during that time.
* Slippers - Keep those feet warm and cozy! I wore mine during my stay at the hospital and 24/7 at home. I prefer the slip-on ones, it makes them a lot easier to put on while holding a little one.
* Belly Band - You thought this was great during pregnancy? SO great for postpartum use too! I loved the feeling of keeping my tummy secured and since I couldn't quite button up my pre-pregnany jeans, it was also helpful to wear over those. Bonus: It makes your tummy look flatter and smoothes everything out for all of your postpartum outfits.
* Cozy Undies - Don't ruin your favorite undies, go ahead and purchase a pack of basic cotton panties to wear during your healing. That way if they get stained you won't feel sad about tossing them. :)

* Silhouette Depends - For real! It was so comfortable and amazing to wear these, especially during the first 2 weeks. They are comfortable, don't leak, and are a great undie alternative.
* Kotex Pads - For the times you don't need depends, you'll want good pads. You will probably need these for up to 6-ish weeks. The cotton in the Kotex pads are great and don't stick to stitches if you end up getting any.
* Witch-hazel - Great for putting on pads or cloth to help with the healing. Very relieving.
* Tucks with Witch-hazel - In case of hemorrhoids, these are GREAT. Also great to use down there generally. I loved lining them in my depends or pad for relief too.
* Stool Softeners - The hospital will most likely put you on these right after birth to help "move things along". However, some women have continued problems at home so these are great to have on hand. If you end up getting an episiotomy and stitches you might be dealing with issues weeks into the recovery.
* Dermoplast - This stuff is incredible. It's a soothing and pain relieving spray that I used continually. It's amazing and made everything feel so much better.
* Ice Packs - Needed and great for swelling, see ice pack ideas below.
* Perineal Bottle - Sometimes wiping isn't an option, these little bottles are amazing to help you clean up.
* Flushable Wipes - Also helpful for cleaning up. Be sure to get ones for sensitive skin.

* Padsicles - Take one Kotex pad, apply alcohol-free aloe vera gel to pad and pour a tablespoon of witch-hazel over the pad. Wrap pad in tin foil and store in freezer. Go ahead and stock up your freezer so you can easily grab and go!
* Diaper Ice Packs - For the days when you need extra ice, take a newborn or size 1 diaper, open the end of the diaper like you would a bag of chips. Fill diaper with crushed ice and store in freezer. I would put these ice packs in the depends and use yoga shorts to hold everything together. You can also pour some which-hazel on these before freezing for extra relief.

* Nipple Cream - Essential for nursing and helping to soothe cracks and soreness.
* Breast Pads - You will leak when your milk comes in! Stock up on disposable and/or reusable pads.
* Breast Gel Soothers - Store these in the fridge and put on whenever you need some extra relief.

* Lip Balm - Make sure you have very moisterizing lip balm on hand constantly.
* Natural Hand & Body Lotion - Lots of hand washing and hormonal changes can lead to dry skin. Lush has a great selection of natural lotions, also good to use on your tummy, too!
* Cleansing Face Cloths - Its wonderful to have something quick and easy to cleanse your face at the end of the day. I love using these and these.
* Natural Moisturizer - My face ended up getting extra dry after birth so using a heavy moisturizer was so helpful. Again, I have loved using Lush products. I would suggest Skindrink.

* Pain Relief - Of course, talk to your doctor or nurse about what they suggest and what would be best for you, During the first week postpartum I found it essential. After my perscription was over I used Tylenol to help.
* Water Bottle - Stay hydrated!!
* Boppy - Not only great for nursing but great to sit on for bum relief while sitting.

Please note that more than likely your hospital will provide a lot of these items. Take them home with you and continue using them throughout your healing process!! You won't be sad about it. :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

* Yoga Shorts
* Nursing Tanks
* Nursing Sleep Bra
* Supportive Nursing Bra
* Cozy Loungewear
* Slippers
* Belly Band
* Cozy Undies
* Silhouette Depends
* Kotex Pads
* Witch-hazel
* Tucks with Witch-hazel
* Stool Softeners
* Dermoplast
* Ice Packs
* Perineal Bottle
* Flushable Wipes
* Nipple Cream
* Breast Pads
* Breast Gel Soothers
* Lip Balm
* Natural Hand & Body Lotion
* Cleansing Face Cloths
* Natural Moisturizer
* Pain Relief
* Water Bottle
* Boppy

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Monday, March 03, 2014


Today is officially my first day "back" to work! It was absolutely wonderful spending the first month of Soren's life completely focused on him. Jon and I loved every minute of it. And to tell the truth, I loved taking time to unplug and re-focus. I'm a little nervous to get back into the swing of things and figure out how to balance life with a newborn and with my job. So far my plan is to do what I can when I'm not nursing and taking care of him, it's made me really think about what's important to accomplish and what isn't as much of a priority. But I'm so thankful I have the ability to work from home doing what I love and be here with him as well. :)

Snapshots of the Week: 1// Little buddy is growing so fast! 2// Loving being/learning to be a mama 3// The Lego Movie is AMAZING, loved sneaking out for a date with Jon to go see it; so good!! 4// Just in case you didn't hear, we are running a special Spring design sale! Get 15% off our blogger and branding packages if you book before March 17th! Contact our admin, Leah at for more information. :) -- You can follow more of my snapshots via Instagram! @savannahmaiedae

Favorite Posts/Pins/Articles:
* This seems like the perfect bathing suit top for a postpartum tummy.
* Check out my favorite birth announcement ideas via the Little Hip Squeaks blog!
* Love the idea of The Capsule Project, really needing to do a wardrobe make-over soon!
* LOVE these desktop background downloads, perfect to get you into the Spring spirit.
* Jenny makes beautiful things.

Inspiring Me this Week:
I'm inspired to get myself back together and working again but more importantly working on finding some type of balance to this new life. I'm also inspired to get myself back into shape and eating yummy, healthy foods! I'm looking forward to exercising as soon as my doc gives me a thumbs up. Anyone use Fitbit? What do you think, worth it?

3 Things About Yours Truly:
* If I were to take an outfit post for today it would include black and white plaid pj pants, a cream colored tank, and cardigan AND polka dotted socks. ;)
* I have plans to watch Full House in it's entirety, thanks to my dad for surprising me with the complete series!
* Jon and I are designing our next tattoo that we'll be getting together, it's going to be a family "crest" of sorts.

Weekly Question (please give your answer below!)
To the mamas, what is one of your top tips for getting things done and staying organized with littles around?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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