Tuesday, March 18, 2014


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Now that Soren is nearly 2 months, I've been feeling a little nostalgic about being pregnant with him and love that I documented most of my pregnancy in photos. It's crazy looking back and thinking about how fast the pregnancy went by. I've really enjoyed not being pregnant anymore and actually having him to snuggle with! ;) Being pregnant with him was such a special experience and I'm so thankful for everything I learned. -- This might sound a little cliche, but I am AMAZED at how a woman's body can grow life and give birth. It truly is incredible.

I'm loving this season of being on the other side of pregnancy and learning how to be a mommy. If you would have asked me after giving birth if I wanted more children I probably would have laughed hysterically in your face. Now that time has passed and some of that pregnancy/labor "amnesia" has set in, I'm very much looking forward to continuing to grow our family in the future. But right now, Jon and I will just focus on this first year with little Soren and go from there. ;)

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