Friday, April 29, 2011

Creative Blogger Award

Label Courtesy of Pugly Pixel
I am so thankful to Cassie of The Veda House for selecting me for the creative blogger award! When I found out a couple days ago, I had a little geek-out moment and have been excited to do this post to "pay-it-forward". Thank you Cassie! Here's how the award works: List 10 facts about yourself, then tag 10 bloggers for the award. I loved Cassie's idea to focus on creative facts about her, so I thought I would do the same.

10 Creative Things About Me:
1. When I was 12, my best friend at the time and I made crafts from yarn and popsicle sticks, dressed up like clowns, and sold our little handmades at a garage sale. Surprisingly, people thought we were cute and we ended up making $20.00, which was a fortune to us.
2. During my freshman year of high school, I had my first experience with theatre and spent the rest of high school acting and getting involved in theatre. I was even able to direct a one-act during my senior year. I haven't acted since high-school and really miss it.
3. I spend about 30+ hours on Photoshop CS5 every week....along with some of the other Adobe programs.
4. I love, love dabbling in anything creative, just to at least try it. I've been able to gain experience in music, acting, drawing, painting, jewelry making, pottery, costuming, make-up, dyeing, knitting, and photography...but my heartbeat is graphic design.
5. My creative dream is to work with MaieDae full-time and grow my business into a successful partnership that offers graphic design, handmades, photography, and full-time blogging. I love my little MaieDae baby!
6. I would love to spend a day with LA from Freckled Nest, Elsie from A Beautiful Mess, Emily from Once Wed, Chelsea from .Oh my Deer., Kyla from Kyla Roma and Moorea from Moorea Seal. They inspire me so much in different ways and I would love to "shadow" each of them, gaining insight to their passions, enjoying a coffee date, and living a day in their life.
7. I would really love to try metalworking, glass blowing, and looming.
8. I've discovered that my life mission is to create. It sets me on fire and I just don't think I could live without the ability to create in some form.
9. Even though I consider myself a very creative person, I love organization and self-development. I love whenever some of my favorite bloggers post about organization//development tips and I usually only read developing or how-to types of books.
10. I can't remember a time when I didn't want to have my own business.

10 Blogs I'm Passing the Creative Blogger Award To:
My Best Friend Jules
Yellow Songbird
Kyla Roma
My Girl Thursday
The Flowerchild Dwelling
Oh, Mishka

I hope you all get a chance to look around and be inspired by some of these ladies' amazing blogs. If you were given the award and are able to post about it, I would love to see it! :)

Wishing you a sunny weekend.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations Kendra! You have won two beautiful print pieces, a spring bracelet, and an adorable pin cushion courtesy of Pie N' the Sky, OhRenee*Design, Melanie Reller Photography & Tiny Sea! Please email me at with your shipping information. :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MaieDae Graphics: Blog Design

If you live in the Southeast, then you know it's been a blustery day! My alma mater - Berry College in Rome, GA, had a beat-down this morning and tons of beautiful trees fell everywhere all over campus. If you've ever had the chance to visit Berry, it's an incredibly gorgeous campus, so it's been sad to see pictures of it torn apart by the storm. There is a another storm that's supposed to hit in a couple hours, so I'm praying for safety everywhere.


On another note -- I wanted to give you a little update and peek into what's been going on at MaieDae Graphics. Fortunately, I've had the amazing opportunity to design freelance work for some amazing ladies. I'm wrapping up some logo designs, business card designs, and some way-cute blog designs that I've been really pleased with.

While I can't show everything just yet (even though I REALLY wish I could), I wanted to give you a little peek at two blog designs I did at the beginning of the year. One was for my bestie Anica who has a huge passion for missions and youth and the other was for my wedding photographer who's husband is becoming an operator of a Chick-fil-A. She's currently pregnant with their first child (such a cute little baby bump!)

Click to View: Chikin Chatter

Click to View: Run With Those Beautiful Feet

Although my forte in design tends to lean toward vintage inspired whimsical looks, it's really important to me that I'm able to translate my clients style and passions into a design that really suits them. I LOVE getting responses back like, "I love it sooo much"! It just melts my little designer's heart. :)

I have LOTS more graphic design goodies to share but I'll have to wait until they are 100% complete and released officially. Keep on the lookout! I'll be sharing peeks along the way.

If you are interested in having me give your blog a make-over or having me do other design work for you, I would love to chat! Shoot me an email at: for more information.

Psst!! Have you entered my giveaway yet?? The winner will be announced tomorrow, so hurry and enter!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fancy Shmancy: A Tuesday Collection of Favorite Things 4.26.11

Today's Fancy Shmancy is inspired by Jamie Beck -- A dreamy photographer who does wonders with creating a simple GIF. I love how she creates the subtle//romantic movements in these images. Completely fantastic.

NYC Photographer Jamie Beck

NYC Photographer Jamie Beck

NYC Photographer Jamie Beck

NYC Photographer Jamie Beck

They are all so romantic and inspiring...all of a sudden, I have an urge to put on a flowy dress and sit outside in the breeze with a foamy latte and a good book. :)

If you would like to see more of Jamie's work, take a look at her Tumblr, From Me to You.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Inspiration for Your Nest: Sofa Love

I'll just throw it out there...sofas are EXPENSIVE. Especially the fancy ones in the perfect shade of color that you've been searching for forever. So, while it's not practical for us to spent thousands on a sofa, especially with an energetic boy kitty, I'll continue dressing up my IKEA score and drooling over these fairytales:

S’inventer un nouveau canapĂ©, en changeant les tissus.
Battersea Sofette
IKEA Couch -- Sometimes all you need are fabulous pillows
Emily Henson
Teal + Purple
Atelier Chesterfield
Happy Nesting!

Weekly Wrap Up

I hope everyone had a happy Easter weekend! Jon and I spent Easter with our family. We went to my parents'//younger siblings' home for lunch and then scooted five minutes away to join Jon's family for dinner. After some much needed and wonderful fellowship, Jon and I spent the rest of our night cuddling up and watching our latest show, "Castle". :)

I was also able to get a lot of planning done for the Indie Craft Experience. I'll be vendoring at this exciting fair in June! The booth is going to look super cute and I can't wait to sell some of the new products I've been working on!

And now, I bring you the snapshot of the week:

Took this on my first sailing trip Summer 2010
5 Favorite Posts This Week
* GPOYWEnJOYing life by From Me to You 
* Giveaway - MaieDae by LoveElycia (win a sparkly ring and geode necklace from my shop!)
* Hair Tips & Tricks. Part 2: Dye by The Dainty Squid 
* April Giveaway by MaieDae (win goodies from my sponsors!)

3 Things About Yours Truly
* My middle name is K; just the letter K. 
* My hair is naturally crazy curly.
* When I was little, I really wanted to grow up and own a salon. I used to have neighborhood moms over and I'd give them manicures from my little desk-turned nail studio. :)

Be back later with an "Inspiration for Your Nest" post! 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Home Nesting Update: Photo Wall

I mentioned in a recent "inspiration for your nest" post that I was looking for inspiration for a photo collage to put up in my living room above my couch. My little collection of frames grew to a good amount, so I spent last weekend planning out my collage on the floor of my living room. This is our couch view before the collage went up:

There's a lot of wall space and the fact that we painted horizontal stripes on the wall really helped make it not seem so bare for the months it's been empty. :) After much shifting around of frames, leveling, and nailing//re-nailing, this is the result:

I'm so happy with how it just added a touch of coziness to our little place. :) I still have photos to add in the frames and I have some fun prints coming in the mail this week. It's definitely a work in progress.  Once it's more complete, I'll be sure to take more photos as well as some close-ups to show off the details of the prints. I'm just so happy things are on the walls!!

Also -- I'm thinking about taking Rachel's Style Your Space e-course to help give me a little more guidance on spicing up the place. Anyone taken it yet?  

Wishing you coziness and a happy Easter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sponsor in May!

May is almost here! -- If you're looking for a cozy place to call home for the month of May, consider sponsoring MaieDae! Click here to get all the info on sizes and rates. 

I post between 6-8 times per week and sponsors can expect a fun intro post and the chance to participate in a group giveaway! The large solo spot is currently reserved for May. However, feel free to reserve your solo feature for a future month by emailing me at

Psst! -- If you're interested in having me do a product review and//or special giveaway post, please contact me for more information. :)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

ListoGraphy: Shows I Love

I might have mentioned this before, but I love love lists. I'd like to make them all day long with different colored felt-tip markers in my Moleskine journal. :) So, I'm starting a new "random whenever I feel like it" feature, Listography.

Today is all about shows  -- These are all shows that I have watched through life that have given me interesting memories and lots of laughs (some more than others.) I've watched a lot of these growing up with my little brother and sister, when I've been sick, and during college with Jon. We love sharing shows together, cuddling up, and eating a yummy snack. The first three months of our marriage were spent watching every season of Lost back to back...and it. was. amazing.
A List of Shows I've Watched & Loved:
* Full House**
* Step by Step*
* Family Matters
* Boy Meets World*****
* Sabrina the Teenage Witch
* Clarissa Explains it All
* Figure it Out
* All That***
* The Amanda Show**
* Are You Afraid of the Dark?
* Even Stevens**
* Lizzie McGuire
* Smart Guy
* The Cosby Show**
* Doug
* Lois & Clark
* America's Next Top Model****
* Project Runway*
* Design Star*
* Lost**
* Twin Peaks*
* X-Files*
* The Walking Dead**
* Fringe**
* Bones
* Teen Mom***
* Trigun*
* Degrassi***
* Castle**
* Grey's Anatomy*
* Mythbusters**
* The Office**
* Dexter****
* Community****

* = Favorites! * = Currently Watching/ReWatching * = Shows I've Watched with Jon * = Childhood Favs * = Good for Passing the Time * = I'd Watch You Over & Over

What are your all-time-favorite shows from your childhood and currently? Feel free to leave a comment with your answer or blog about it and link up! I'm always in the mood to find a new show to sink into!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Threads: 4.20.11

"Threads is a frequent feature all about affordability, comfort, and versatility while still capturing your sense of personal style. For more details behind Threads, click here!"

I love the color of the cardigan I scored on clearance at Target a couple weeks ago. It really adds a cute springy look to any outfit. :) I'm finding that I really love mixing patterns and colors that wouldn't normally be put together. It's actually hard for me to wear an outfit without at least one pattern!

Top - Bottom (pricing is approximate)
* Into the Woods Headband: MaieDae - $17.00
* Aqua Cardigan: Target - $12.80
* Ivory Ruffle Shift: Thrifted - $4.49
* Antiqued Gold Watch Necklace - $25.00
* Striped Skirt: Forever21 - $15.80
* Herringbone Tights: Forever21 - $4.80
* Royal Blue Flats: Plato's Closet - $3.00
* Peach n Gold Ring: Forever21 - Gifted

Approximate Outfit Total (including accessories) = 82.00

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April Giveaway!

Welcome to this month's sponsor giveaway! I've got a very lovely and talented group of girls offering some special pieces from their shops for one lucky winner! Take a look:

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Blog   |   Shop   |   Twitter
So just to recap, that's two beautiful print pieces, a spring inspired feminine bracelet, and a cute little pincushion! Interested in winning the loot? Here's how to enter:

Main Entry:
* Visit each of these lovely ladies' blogs and leave an encouraging comment! Afterward, comment on this post letting me know you did, along with your name and email.

Bonus Entries: (please leave one comment per bonus entry)
* Become a follower of MaieDae via GFC (left column) or Bloglovin
* Tweet about it! If you'd like, you can just copy and paste this: @MaieDae is having a springy sponsor giveaway! Prints, bracelet, and a pincushion...oh my!

Four prizes and three chances to enter! One winner will be selected at random and announced next week -- wishing you all the best. :)

Interested in sponsoring MaieDae for the month of May?! Click here for more information on my sponsorship program or email me directly at -- I'd love to have you!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Inspiration for Your Nest: A Retro Kitchen & Lots of Color

LOVE this sneak peek home from Design*Sponge. My favorite part? The retro-inspired kitchen. Can't get enough.

All photos found here.
Mondays are always a little better with some inspiration. Happy nesting!