Monday, April 25, 2011

Inspiration for Your Nest: Sofa Love

I'll just throw it out there...sofas are EXPENSIVE. Especially the fancy ones in the perfect shade of color that you've been searching for forever. So, while it's not practical for us to spent thousands on a sofa, especially with an energetic boy kitty, I'll continue dressing up my IKEA score and drooling over these fairytales:

S’inventer un nouveau canapé, en changeant les tissus.
Battersea Sofette
IKEA Couch -- Sometimes all you need are fabulous pillows
Emily Henson
Teal + Purple
Atelier Chesterfield
Happy Nesting!


  1. Not only is that first one beautiful, but it looks so cozy too! That last one is far out. Very cool.

    ♥ sécia

  2. Love these! I too will have to dress up my Ikea sofa until the days when I have a bigger bank account...thank goodness for Ikea!

  3. gorgeous!!! i love them all. especially the pretty emily henson one :)

  4. these are such such lovely choices! they're to die for, really, and being an owner of an old couch myself i know where the nesting thoughts are coming from.

    hi there! x

  5. I love the geometric couch!! I think that one of the main big nice purchase goals I have is a really fantastic couch! The other is a super comfy dreamy bed. SOMEDAY... :)

  6. Love the first one and the fourth one!!

  7. I love the bright colored one. I'm just not ballsy enough to get one haha. Great blog!

  8. Oh couches, I love you. I have some of these saved on my computer - like the first two pictures, and the fourth one - SIGH. I want them. So dreamy and pretty! And that geometric one?! Unreal!