Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Threads: 4.13.11

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I'm really exciting about today's threads post. I wore this outfit on Sunday and love the combination of patterns and colors. This outfit was SUPER comfortable & inexpensive!

You may be wondering about those shoes, "How comfortable can they really be?!"...Just to let you know, I think high heels are beautiful but I never ever wear them because they kill my feet! I was shopping in target a couple weeks ago and found the little beauties above and thought, "No way can they be comfortable," but I tried them on and was surprised that they felt great! I made sure to get a size that was 1/2 smaller than what I normally wear so they would be secure, but I've been able to wear these shoes all day without taking them off and feel completely comfortable! The secret is really finding platforms that are stable and secure. Even though I was in 4 1/2" shoes, it really only felt like an inch. And NOW I want to find more....being short is fun, but going from 5'3" to 5'7" makes me feel like a superstar. ;)

Top - Bottom (pricing is approximate)
* Lined Dress: Thrifted - $4.59
* Citrine Geode Necklace: MaieDae Handmades (get yours here!) - $20.00
* Belt: Borrowed from a skirt
* Mint Flower Cocktail Ring: H&M - $8.00
* Mint Sorbet Nail Polish: Sally Hansen - $5.50
* Wine Colored Tights: Forever 21 - $5.80
* Platform Heels: Target - $24.00

Approximate Outfit Total (including accessories) =  68.00 


  1. the shoes and tight combo is precious, as is that hair!

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    E.Caffey handbag giveaway

  2. LOVE that ring/nail color. This is a great outfit and you look adorable. I have tights a similar color and you just gave me an idea. :)

  3. oh that dress is just darling and such a steal! you look darling, and i too buy my heels a 1/2 size smaller to make sure they don't fly off:)

  4. Love this look! :) You are such a sweetheart! And those shoes are fab! I'm a bit hesitant to wear shoes that high because I'm a bit over 5'8" without any shoes - so I'd probably feel like a giant :D xox mervi

  5. you're so adorable. i love this! and fun little fact : my nails are EXACTLY the same color right now :) it's such a pretty color, right?!

  6. super cute outfit! :)

  7. LOVE everything about this outfit! Very cute!

  8. I love it! And you look gorgeous :)