Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

This week started off slow, but yesterday, I got some nesting projects done that have been on my list FOREVER and I'm so pleased with how they turned out! You can take a peek at my new dining nook here and I'll have pictures of my new photo collage wall up sometime this week!

AND the snapshot of the week is...
Taken last summer at Cracker Barrel before our tubing trip in Helen, GA, with my family.
5 Favorite Posts this Week
* Hair Tips & Tricks. Part 1: Bleach by The Dainty Squid
* 5 Year Diary by I go by Katie
* Thrift Thursday - Rag Quilts by Lune Vintage

3 Things About Yours Truly
* My favorite soda is Mountain Dew
* I find a lot of joy and fun in budgeting and helping others with their own budgeting plans. 
* Favorite guilty pleasure shows: "America's Next Top Model" & "Teen Mom"

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  1. That photo is so cute! The coloring really makes it special.

    My husband is from GA, and we've been tubing in Helen a few times. The most recent time was actually the day he proposed to me. We had a FREEZING COLD WATER tubing trip, I got frazzled and grumpy, and then when we got home he proposed. Needless to say, my mood improved exponentially =)