Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I'm crazy about these beautiful science posters from vol25. Jessica recently released the series and I had an insanely difficult time picking out my favorite. I love that these posters come ready to hang with rustic handmade wood framing. This beautiful butterfly and feather poster are also on my wish-list too!

This is currently it's temporary home until I find the perfect place for it. I'm thinking it might look great in the living room or the hallway once I get my behind into gear and finish up the decorating! ;)

Check out Jessica's full collection of science posters here!

1// Antler Science Poster - c/o vol25 2// Gold Skull - ZGallerie 3// White pot & plants - IKEA 4// Yellow Pot - Whole Foods 5// Celestial Coasters - Anthropologie 6// Sewing Table - Antique 

Monday, April 29, 2013


This month I asked my sponsors to share what their ideal spring vacation would be and what they would be reading and sipping during their free time while enjoying a beautiful location.

Pacific Northwest | Into the Wild | Coffee picked by Sara of Simply Sara >>> "One of my favorite places to be is nestled deep in the forest. There is nothing more beautiful than the great outdoors. I dream of exploring all of the Pacific Northwest. Into the Wild is a true story about a man who leaves all of his worldly possessions behind and sets of into the wild. 'Happiness is only real when shared.' Coffee. Warm or iced. With a touch of nutmeg, vanilla, or caramel." >>> Find Sara here: Blog | Pinterest 

Ireland | Into the Wild | Guinness picked by Valentina of Valentina Duracinsky >>> "Honestly, there are too many drinks and books to choose from but Ireland is for sure the one place I love most. Guinness is something I like to drink...whenever, really. I love love love Guinness. Into the Wild is one of my favorite books, it's inspired me so much." >>> Find Valentina here: Blog | Facebook

New York City | Rework | Goji Berry Smoothie picked by Sara of CourseCraft >>> "My name is Sara and I'm the co-founder of CourseCraft, a super simple e-course creator. My dream location would definitely be New York City. I try to visit often and I love to spend my whole vacation eating and roaming the city on foot. To keep my energy up for all that walking, I would be sipping a goji berry smoothie. After a long day of stuffing my face, I would settle in to read Rework! The "stop talking and start working" sentiment in Rework is how I try to deal with running CourseCraft out of my home when things get crazy." >>> Find Sara here: Site | Twitter

Belmar NJ | The Tipping Point | Son of a Peach picked by Ryan of Rags&Thread >>> "My name is Ryan Gagliardi and I own Rags&Thread. My favorite location is not glamorous but it's my home away from home. Belmar, NJ - Restore the Shore. I would probably be reading The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell and drinking Son of a Peach from RJ Rockers Brewery." >>> Find Ryan here: Site | Women's

Bar Harbor Maine | Stargirl | Pimms Cup picked by Katie of 3 Happy Eaters >>> "I'd be sitting on a porch in Bar Harbor, Maine, looking out over the water reading Stargirl and drinking a Pimms Cup. >>> Find Kaite here: Blog | Facebook

London | Good Omens | Earl Grey picked by Kristin of My Life as a Teacup >>> "The drizzly grey skies of London are a dream to me - I'd love to travel there. Heck, I might not even come back! With a cup of Earl Grey in hand (especially with a hint of caramel and hazelnut!), I couldn't imagine any place more charming. As much as I want to glue The Great Gatsby to my hand, I'd probably be reading Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett's Good Omens, for some much needed end-of-the-world snark." Find Kristin here: Blog | Twitter

New Zealand | A Map of the World According to Storytellers & Illustrators | Oatmeal Cookie Chunk picked by Candice of All Mapped Out >>> "If I think of somewhere I've been where I was perfectly, magically, entirely content, it would be New Zealand. For books, I truly do love maps. There is something for everyone within the spacious confines of cartography and geography, so I know I'd be soaking up more mappy treasures, most likely with my latest must have, A Map of the World According to Storytellers and Illustrators. No reason not to full on splurge in an hypothetical scenario, right?  My drink of choice would be a Ben & Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Chunk ice cream shake." Find Candice here: Shop | Facebook

Maragogi | Half the Sky | Caipirinha picked by Victoria of re.Served >>> "My dream location is in the northeast of Brazil in a town called Maragogi. I went there on my honeymoon with my Brazilian [hot] husband and would absolutely die to go back. We stayed at a resort called Salinas do Maragogi. It is breathtaking. The drink of choice is a caipirinha, made strongest and best on the beaches of Brazil. And the book would be "Half the Sky", since I just ordered it used from an Amazon seller and absolutely know I won't be able to get through the entire thing until I'm on a beach, with a drink in my hand, and a babysitter tending to my two little girls." Find Victoria here: Shop | Facebook

Mount Shasta | Dare, Dream, Do | Bell's Beer picked by BreAnne of Love Always >>> "Right now I would love to read Dare, Dream, Do. I am most at peace by a lake. I find such serenity when I am in the wilderness and by the calm waters of a lake. Although I love my life right now in my eclectic, busy, beachside city, I dream someday I will retreat to a place like Mount Shasta in Northern California. I have many favorite beers but I had to go with a hometown favorite, from where I grew up, Bell's Beer. I would either be sipping on a Two Hearted or a summertime fav Oberon." Find BreAnne here: Blog | Facebook

What would be your Go. Read. Sip. choices be?? Please share below! Please note: I'm currently not accepting new sponsors at this time! I'm planning to launch a NEW blog design this Friday and will also be launching a new sponsor program for Maiedae! Get excited!!


This week was Jenny's and my first full week at working our regular schedule for Maiedae. It felt like the first week back at school or the first week at a new job, it was an extremely long week, but we were so productive and had a great time working together! We've really tried hard to put our schedule together in a way that offers a lot of variety, instead of doing the same routine each day. This weekend was also filled with busyness, especially on Saturday. A group of us got together to make lots and lots of beautiful decorations for the Maiedae Mixer! I'm SO excited to see everything come together so beautifully.

I'm really, really looking forward to next week. Jon and I are going on a mini vacation with some friends of ours to celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversaries. I'm so excited! I love little getaways. ;)

Snapshot(s) of the Week: 1// A peek at some of our amazing giveaway items for the Maiedae Mixer! Check out the post here. 2// Took photos in this beautiful dress, can't wait to share the outfit post this week! 3// A delicious lunch with Jenny at Alon's bakery in Atlanta. 4// Studding some jean shorts for the summer. Can't wait to pair these with a duster vest and my favorite Minnetonka's. ;)

5 Favorite Posts:
* 5 Character "Flaws" that Actually Make a Great Blogger by IFB
* Char-Bea by Ashley G by Design*Sponge
* Mixer Wrap-Up by Jenny Highsmith 
* The Secret Project by Moorea Seal 
* 30 Green Beauty Finds by Design*Sponge

Favorite Blog/Site of the Week:
Lost Type - Stumbled across this great font site the other week. This site is set up as a "pay what you want" resource. Find great fonts and pay within your budget!

Inspiring Me this Week:
This week I'm planning on taking a little shopping trip to buy some things for our back patio space. I'd really like to host some grill-outs and have a great place for Jenny and me to eat lunches during the work week. I'll plan to share an update post this week or next week!

3 Things About Yours Truly: 
* I like quick and easy DIY projects. If I can do it in under an hour, I'm in! ;)
* Love watching TLC reality shows while working.
* About 90% of the time I order a tall cinnomon dolce latte with soy at Starbucks. Yum!

Thursday, April 25, 2013


In college, sleep was considered optional. My friends and I often joke now that if we looked at the clock in college and it was midnight, then the night was still young! I was definitely a night owl and after completing homework for the day and taking care of needed responsibilities, we often wanted to end the night, or early morning, with a movie, heart-to-heart talk, or a last minute trip to Waffle House. Oh the joys!

I remember graduating, getting married and starting my first 9-5 job within two weeks of leaving college. Suddenly, staying up until 2 or 3 in the morning was unrealistic for the early mornings I needed to wake up. Jon and I often found ourselves struggling to get to bed early, because one of our favorite things to do was watch shows together late at night.
Photo Source

After many weeks of feeling exhausted and never really feeling like we were on a good sleep schedule, we finally decided to lay down some rules and make some changes to improve our quality of life. PLUS, as you might already know, there are a ton of health benefits to getting good sleep. Here are a couple of tips on creating a good habit around sleep and making it a priority in your life:

1. Create an Oasis - For some people, the idea of sleeping in a messy room or the same room that you do work in, can create anxiety and make it difficult to find "rest" or feel peaceful. As best as you can, make your room a getaway and a place you feel you can rest in. You can do this by giving your room an economical room make-over or even just clearing out clutter and organizing your current space. Put things in your room that you enjoy like candles, fluffy blankets, a record player for your favorite albums, and photos of people you love. Make it a priority to keep your room clean and do restful things in your room like listening to light music, reading, and giving yourself pamper nights. :)

2. Set a Sleep Schedule - One of my goals has been to get my body on a regular sleep schedule so I no longer have to use an alarm in the mornings. I want to naturally feel sleepy around the same time every night and naturally wake up without the assistance of a jolting alarm or my tendency to be BFFs with my snooze button. Setting a time each day that's consistent to go to bed and to rise in the morning will help you build that routine. Currently, Jon and I like to head to bed right around 10:00PM, we'll take a little time to maybe watch an episode of one of our favorite shows, catch up on the day, or read before falling asleep. We like to get up between 7:00-7:30AM every morning, although this has been the biggest struggle point for myself personally. It's just sometimes too difficult to leave a warm, cozy bed in the mornings! I'm getting better, and now that I have a business partner to work with every day, it's much more motivating to get up and get ready at a set time every morning.

3. Make Sleep a Priority - The "average" adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Forsaking needed sleep and not making it a priority in your life will result in feeling exhausted and not mentally on top of things. Work on scheduling out tasks ahead of time so you don't feel like you need to take "all-nighters" or work late into the night.

4. Get Cozy Bedding - Sleeping on a lumpy mattress, not having a great pillow or being too cold or hot during the night can contribute to interrupted sleep. Be sure to create a cozy bed for yourself so that you actually look forward to getting in bed every night. If you look forward to staying in a hotel bed more than your own...it might be time to think about saving for a new mattress! ;)

I'm certainly not an expert on sleep and I know I've got a lot of habits to continue forming. But I've really found that getting 7-8 hours of good sleep each night, helps me to be more productive during the day and gives me energy to take on my responsibilities. Of course, some people suffer from sleep disorders and if you feel that you hardly ever get a good nights rest, consider seeing a doctor. Sleep is good, people! :)

If you have any tips for sleeping well, please share below. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Fun Sleep Related Infographics:
* The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation
* How Much Sleep Should Your Child Be Getting
* Sleepless in America
* Dream On: Why Sleep is so Important

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


1// Hat - Gap 2// Positive Tank - H&M 3// Jean Vest - Forever21 4// Blue Jeans - American Eagle 5// Sparkle Sandals - Target 6// Wooden Heart Earrings c/o onetenzeroseven 7// Bracelets - Forever21 8// Gold Fringe Necklace - c/o A Little Dot 9// Turquoise Ring - UO 10// Mystic Nail Laquer - UO

Jenny and I took some amazing photos in Savannah during some of our exploring time. The lighting was absolutely stunning this day. We were just in time to capture "magic hour" near the river-walk. The pictures we walked away with were certainly worth the few gnat bites we received. ;)

I've been loving more of an "edgy" look lately. I'm always between bohemian and edgy with random touches of other styles mixed in between.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


During this beautiful season and beautiful weather, I've been scheming up a lot of fun to-do's for my home and with friends that I want to accomplish before summer hits! I LOVE this time of year.

1// Make fancy drinks for my friends and come up with a couple of recipes of my own. 2// Finally put together my own font. 3// Get my workout on! I love that Jenny and I are now exercise buddies, it's SO helpful having someone to keep you accountable. 4// Have fun with nail art. I'm thinking this also includes a few girl nights with plenty of snacks and a great movie. 5// Decorate the studio space for Maiedae. 6// Sketch out my next tattoo idea and find an artist to put it together for me. 7// Hang plants in my home near the windows. 8// Find a bathing suit. 9// Print photos, including some of these amazing draft sized photos

What's on your to-do list for the spring?

Monday, April 22, 2013


After Jenny and I got back from our work retreat in Savannah, GA, we spent most of the first week working from home, traveling for meetings, and taking a little time off here and there. On Saturday, we helped a friend with her carousel themed photo-shoot and later took beautiful photos of one of our clients in Marietta. We also had a Maiedae Mixer meeting on Sunday and I'm SO excited about the event. Feeling blessed and excited about starting another full week of Maiedae with Jenny!

Snapshot(s) of the Week: 1// Keeping our local Starbucks in business. 2// A shot of our location for the Mixer. SO beautiful!! Be sure to get your ticket! 3// Kyo sunning his tummy. 4// Joe the horse! From the photo-shoot we helped with on Sunday.

5 Favorite Posts:
* At Home with Ashley Campbell by A Beautiful Mess
* Revlon Nail Art Overview by Essie Button
* Uniquely You: Body Image by Jenny Highsmith
* 5 Snacks to Always Keep in Your House by Mind Body Green
* Post Processing Routine by Delightfully Tacky

Favorite Blog of the Week:
Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard - Janee is a sweet friend with a great blog! I'm SO excited about finally meeting her in person this June at ALT NYC. Be sure to check out to her beautiful blog and handmade shop!

Inspiring Me this Week:
* I've been really inspired to explore new hobbies. It's really exciting to be in a place where I can think about starting new projects and trying out new things. I'm currently thinking about trying my hand at horseback riding (never done it before!) and maybe making my own bath salts for fun?? The possibilities!

3 Things About Yours Truly:
* I prefer rollerblading over bike riding.
* Currently watching She's All That; love cheesy 90s movies.
* One of my favorite snacks is white cheddar popcorn. Yum!!

Hope you have a wonderful week!!

Friday, April 19, 2013


I've been having a lot of fun trying out different box subscription services. One of my all-time favorites has definitely been POPSUGAR, a lifestyle surprise box. You can see my video/unboxing video of the March box here. :) Recently, I was introduced to a beauty subscription service called Ipsy. Ipsy is a monthly service that sends a variety of beauty products to try each month. I loved the idea of trying out new to me products and hopefully coming across some great stuff that I'll want to continue using.

When you sign up for Ipsy, you create an account and answer a quick questionnaire about your skin type, hair color, eye color and favorite types of products. They then work to customize your Ipsy bag to your particular interests. Each month is "themed" so you'll find related products to that theme in your bag. I got my first bag this month and I wanted to share what was inside:

* Sation Nail Lacquer in Of Corset I'll Call You - Full size worth $5.00
* Be a Bombshell Blush in Sweet Cheeks - Full size worth $16.00
* Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal - Sample size worth $4.44
* Mica Beauty Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow in Earth - Deluxe size worth $14.95
Bag Worth = $40.39

The bag was "Pretty in Pink" themed and overall I was pleased with the contents! The blush and soy renewal are definitely products I plan to use and I'm definitely curious to see how the eye shadow looks. I'm not the biggest fan of the color of the nail polish, but I'll definitely keep it for future nail painting nights with friends! This bag was worth a total of $40.39 and the subscription service is only $10.00 per month! As well, each bag comes with some serious coupon codes for the featured product brands so you can purchase more of the products you love. I'm a huge fan of coupon codes! You definitely get more than you pay for with this service and I'm excited to see what the other bags will include!

Happy weekend, friends!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


1// Low High Floral Dress - Target 2// Gold Chain Bracelet - Forever21 3// Gold Tassel Necklace - c/o A Little Dot 4// Sunglasses - Warby Parker 5// Fringe Mocs - Minnetonka

I'm so thankful that it's finally getting warm enough to wear dresses and bare legs. I picked up this dress from Target last summer and it's been on of my favorite go-to comfortable dresses. The fabric is super light and the print is perfectly bold. I can't help but wear my favorite Minnetonka's with this outfit. I find myself wearing these boots 70% of the time. :) Love a good pair of staple boots!

Tonight we are having guests over to teach us how to cook some delicious fried rice for date night!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Besides having a super productive and relaxing time on our retreat, Jenny and I spent tons of time taking pictures and exploring. I love being able to say goodbye to a great memory with beautiful photos in hand. I've really grown, over time, to love taking pictures. I love it as a personal hobby and am always looking for ways to improve. 

Now that I'm back home, I'm already missing the beautiful city of Savannah and can't wait to go back again soon. ALSO, I've already mentioned this, but I'm completely stoked that Jenny is full-time with Maiedae now, seriously! It all feels so surreal!

Hope your week has been wonderful, friends!!

Monday, April 15, 2013


This weekend has truly been amazing. Jenny and I left for Savannah, Georgia, on Saturday and we've been here working on business goodness, eating delicious food, doing a little shopping, and taking LOTS of photos. It's been so refreshing and such a great way to take some time to celebrate and make big plans for the future. I'm so thankful for this time and I'm a little sad about leaving tomorrow morning, but very excited to get home to my husband. :)

Today, after making lots of plans for the Maiedae Mixer (which you MUST go to), we took an afternoon break, grabbed some coffee, and explored different streets taking pictures wherever the lighting was perfect. We ended up on the Riverwalk and ate dinner at a delicious place (seriously the crab dip changed my life). ;) As we were walking back to our loft, magic-hour hit Savannah and we changed into some clothes for an outfit shoot on Broughton Street. I think I'll be coming back here again very soon!

Snapshot(s) of the Week: 1// On our way to Savannah 2// Our loft on Broughton Street. 3// Love weekend trips with Jenny! 4// Spent many, many hours talking business. Feeling SO inspired!

5 Favorite Posts:
* 7 Signs You Might be a Professional Blogger by IFB
* Clean Living: Lip Balm by Sincerely, Kinsey
* Remixology by Delightfully Tacky
* Almond Milk Smoothies by Joy the Baker
* Decorate Your Power Cords by Designlovefest

Favorite Blog of the Week:
* Kelli Murray - Not only am I in love with Kelli's beautiful artistic ability and fashion, but you can tell just reading through her posts at how beautiful of a heart she has. Although Kelli is a consistent favorite and style inspiration, her blog in particular has been my favorite this week.

Inspiring Me this Week:
* I'm feeling really pumped about going into Maiedae full-time with Jenny. We've been working really hard to create some great new processes and really refine certain aspects of our business. Can't wait to see what the rest of 2013 will bring!

3 Things About Yours Truly:
* I used to be really into exploring new music and creating playlists and mixed CDs, I haven't sat down and done any music exploring in years, I think I'll be making it one of my new hobbies again.
* I like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.
* Been in the mood to watch a marathon of Disney movies lately. Come to think of it, I'm also in the mood to GO to Disney. I think that might be a constant state of mind for me. ;)

Friday, April 12, 2013


Tomorrow morning Jenny and I are leaving to go to the beautiful town of Savannah, Georgia. My parents named me after Savannah, Georgia after visiting together when they were young in their marriage. Although this will only be my second time visiting, Savannah definitely holds a special place in my heart.

This weekend is extremely special because it's the weekend that my best friend and business partner joins me full-time to work for Maiedae! This has been our dream for so long and it's finally here. I can only image as Jenny wraps up her very last day at her 9-5 job today that she's filled with many, many emotions. I feel so blessed and filled with so much joy to be able to do what I love AND do it with someone I adore and means the world to me.

Original 1905 Savannah photo found via Shorfy 

We decided to go on an annual business retreat for Maiedae in order to talk about the business, work through our structure, have lots of vision and planning time, talk through major projects and get ourselves pumped and ready for the rest of the year. What better time to do this AND celebrate our adventures into full-time work for Maiedae than by going this weekend?! I think it's hugely important to celebrate. When you are running hard after something in life, be sure to stop along the way and let yourself feel all of the joy from everything you've accomplished so far. Don't forget to celebrate the milestones and small goals along the way. They make all of the big goals happen and it's important to remember where you've come from, where you are and where you're going.

Besides having a lot of meeting time, we definitely have plans to celebrate and will be enjoying a fancy dinner or two and some great walks around the city. Praying for beautiful weather!! We are staying in a beautiful loft near Broughton Street that we rented from VRBO, which I highly recommend! It's amazing what you can find for such great deals and really get the "i live here" experience by staying in a home.

We will for sure be taking LOTS of pictures. You can also follow me on Instagram (@maiedae) to see photo updates form our trip along the way. If you have any "must eat at" recommendations near Broughton street, please let us know!

Happy weekend friends!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Since going full-time with Maiedae, I've found myself shutting down my computer before dinner time and having the evenings wide open. Before I quit my job, I was working 32-40 hours per week in Atlanta and then working most nights and some weekends on Maiedae. Maiedae WAS my hobby. When I wasn't spending time with my family or friends, I was working on Maiedae. On average, I think I put anywhere from 15-20 hours per week into Maiedae; working on my blog, meeting with Jenny, working with graphic design clients and helping run the business. Because I loved it so much, I didn't think of it as work. It was what I loved doing in my spare time and I considered it my favorite hobby.

Once I packed up my desk at my 9-5 and began working for Maiedae full-time, a couple things changed. For starters, I decided to keep consistent working hours. Unless there is an emergency, meeting, or we are traveling, I try to only work on Maiedae Mon-Fri, 8:00AM-5:00PM. Keeping consistent hours has really helped me balance my time. However, once I shut down for the day, I'm finding myself with lots of open time on my hands during the evenings and some weekends. I had been in my old 9-5 + Maiedae work routine for the past 3 years that I almost didn't know what to do with myself. I turned to Jon shortly after diving into this new adventure and told him that I'm going to have to start finding some new hobbies!

I think having in mind a list of things you truly enjoy doing and that REALLY relaxes you is important. It's good to work on projects, try new things, and occupy extra time with your passions. I happen to be the type of person that has a really difficult time just sitting and watching a show, I like to be doing something, so having a variety of hobbies and interests is important to making me feel productive and happy at the end of the day.

Hobbies can be as simple as taking extra time to pamper yourself on the weekends or as complex as learning how to dance and taking lessons. Here are a couple tips I have on finding new hobbies:

1. Keep it Simple // Once again, it's completely fine to have simple and leisurely hobbies. Maybe you've had an "If I only had more time..." list in the back of your head and you've been dying to read a stack of books, or try your hand at some nail art, or maybe you just really want to watch through the top movies ever made? Think of things you can enjoy that are economical and don't take up too much time.

2. Learn from Others // Maybe you have a friend that's great at art or maybe you know someone who is an expert at baking? Ask people you know to give you lessons! This can be a great excuse to hang out with people you love. Plus, it's always so fun to be asked to teach something you are passionate about. I'm sure your friend will love it. :)

3. Be Adventurous // I think it's good to maybe pick one complex/adventurous hobby to try. This way you can dedicate a little more time to it and see if it's something you're truly interested in. Maybe you've never gardened before and want to try your hand at an herb garden? Or maybe you've always wanted to learn how to ride and care for horses but just never had the opportunity? Go for it! Again, check and see if any of your friends have experience or connections they could help you with. :)

4. Make a List // I think when we were all little we made a "before I die" bucket list. I know mine probably had something along the lines of "name a star," "write a song on my guitar" and "get married and have kids" on it. I actually would like to go dig up my old journals and find those! I think making these types of lists is GREAT. I would suggest making a list of things you'd like to try and doing them throughout the year. Keep them reasonable, but be a little creative and adventurous. Challenge yourself to try one new thing each month. Even if it's simple!

I hope some of these tips where helpful! I'm excited to put a list together and get started on some new hobbies. What are some of your favorite hobbies?? Have any that you've been itching to try?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Better late than never! Today, my sister and I are sharing our favorites for the month of March, vlog style, over on my YouTube Channel. :) We've divided our favorites up into 4 categories; including make-up, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. We had a lot of fun picking out our favorite items from last month and can't wait to share them with you!

I loved shooting this series with my sister! I always love any time I get to spend with her. Can you believe we are 6.5 years apart?! We've talked about continuing to do more favorites videos together throughout the months. I'm already keeping my eye out for great products during the month of April. ;)

* Color Icon Blushers - Wet n Wild
* Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin - Urban Decay
* Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette - Urban Decay
* Rose Salve - C.O. Bigelow
* Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss - Rimmel London 
* Poppy King for J. Crew Lipstick - J. Crew

* 1 Minute Mask Hair Conditioner - Vidal Sassoon
* Coconut & Honey Sugar Scrub & Sponge - J.R. Watkins
* Knotty to Nice Conditioning Detangler - Not Your Mother's
* Nail Polish - UO
* Hydrating Moisturizer - Boots

* Midi Gold Rings - UO
* Gold Earrings - Forever21
* Glitter Sandals - Target
* Solar System Muscle Tee - Forever21

* Keys to the Kitchen - Amazon
* Hatchi - Portable Pixels App
* Snugg iPad Case - Amazon
* We Bought a Zoo - Amazon

We'd love to know what some of your favorite products in March were! Please feel free to share below! Also, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel here to view more. :) Happy Wednesday, friends!

Monday, April 08, 2013


This weekend was very relaxing. On Friday, I spent some time with my sister. We worked on a new video for the blog that should be up sometime this week! Friday evening, Leah came to stay with us for the weekend and Jenny decided to come by as well and we had a girls' night with delicious snacks and lots of movies. :) On Saturday, we made pancakes and had a lazy morning before Jenny had to head out. Since Leah is from the northern part of Georgia, I decided to give her a good taste of Atlanta so we went to Whole Foods, went out to eat at Alon's Bakery, and walked around Perimeter Mall and window-shopped for a while.

Sunday was such a beautiful day, so a big group of us went out to eat at the Food Truck park in Atlanta and then walked around Atlantic Station to enjoy the weather. I'm so thankful for all of the perfect weather we've had lately, it makes me want to go out in our yard and do some gardening!

I'm so thankful for our amazing community of friends. It's always so nice to have people over and enjoy a beautiful weekend together. :) I'm looking forward to spending next weekend in Savannah, Georgia!