Monday, April 29, 2013


This month I asked my sponsors to share what their ideal spring vacation would be and what they would be reading and sipping during their free time while enjoying a beautiful location.

Pacific Northwest | Into the Wild | Coffee picked by Sara of Simply Sara >>> "One of my favorite places to be is nestled deep in the forest. There is nothing more beautiful than the great outdoors. I dream of exploring all of the Pacific Northwest. Into the Wild is a true story about a man who leaves all of his worldly possessions behind and sets of into the wild. 'Happiness is only real when shared.' Coffee. Warm or iced. With a touch of nutmeg, vanilla, or caramel." >>> Find Sara here: Blog | Pinterest 

Ireland | Into the Wild | Guinness picked by Valentina of Valentina Duracinsky >>> "Honestly, there are too many drinks and books to choose from but Ireland is for sure the one place I love most. Guinness is something I like to drink...whenever, really. I love love love Guinness. Into the Wild is one of my favorite books, it's inspired me so much." >>> Find Valentina here: Blog | Facebook

New York City | Rework | Goji Berry Smoothie picked by Sara of CourseCraft >>> "My name is Sara and I'm the co-founder of CourseCraft, a super simple e-course creator. My dream location would definitely be New York City. I try to visit often and I love to spend my whole vacation eating and roaming the city on foot. To keep my energy up for all that walking, I would be sipping a goji berry smoothie. After a long day of stuffing my face, I would settle in to read Rework! The "stop talking and start working" sentiment in Rework is how I try to deal with running CourseCraft out of my home when things get crazy." >>> Find Sara here: Site | Twitter

Belmar NJ | The Tipping Point | Son of a Peach picked by Ryan of Rags&Thread >>> "My name is Ryan Gagliardi and I own Rags&Thread. My favorite location is not glamorous but it's my home away from home. Belmar, NJ - Restore the Shore. I would probably be reading The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell and drinking Son of a Peach from RJ Rockers Brewery." >>> Find Ryan here: Site | Women's

Bar Harbor Maine | Stargirl | Pimms Cup picked by Katie of 3 Happy Eaters >>> "I'd be sitting on a porch in Bar Harbor, Maine, looking out over the water reading Stargirl and drinking a Pimms Cup. >>> Find Kaite here: Blog | Facebook

London | Good Omens | Earl Grey picked by Kristin of My Life as a Teacup >>> "The drizzly grey skies of London are a dream to me - I'd love to travel there. Heck, I might not even come back! With a cup of Earl Grey in hand (especially with a hint of caramel and hazelnut!), I couldn't imagine any place more charming. As much as I want to glue The Great Gatsby to my hand, I'd probably be reading Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett's Good Omens, for some much needed end-of-the-world snark." Find Kristin here: Blog | Twitter

New Zealand | A Map of the World According to Storytellers & Illustrators | Oatmeal Cookie Chunk picked by Candice of All Mapped Out >>> "If I think of somewhere I've been where I was perfectly, magically, entirely content, it would be New Zealand. For books, I truly do love maps. There is something for everyone within the spacious confines of cartography and geography, so I know I'd be soaking up more mappy treasures, most likely with my latest must have, A Map of the World According to Storytellers and Illustrators. No reason not to full on splurge in an hypothetical scenario, right?  My drink of choice would be a Ben & Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Chunk ice cream shake." Find Candice here: Shop | Facebook

Maragogi | Half the Sky | Caipirinha picked by Victoria of re.Served >>> "My dream location is in the northeast of Brazil in a town called Maragogi. I went there on my honeymoon with my Brazilian [hot] husband and would absolutely die to go back. We stayed at a resort called Salinas do Maragogi. It is breathtaking. The drink of choice is a caipirinha, made strongest and best on the beaches of Brazil. And the book would be "Half the Sky", since I just ordered it used from an Amazon seller and absolutely know I won't be able to get through the entire thing until I'm on a beach, with a drink in my hand, and a babysitter tending to my two little girls." Find Victoria here: Shop | Facebook

Mount Shasta | Dare, Dream, Do | Bell's Beer picked by BreAnne of Love Always >>> "Right now I would love to read Dare, Dream, Do. I am most at peace by a lake. I find such serenity when I am in the wilderness and by the calm waters of a lake. Although I love my life right now in my eclectic, busy, beachside city, I dream someday I will retreat to a place like Mount Shasta in Northern California. I have many favorite beers but I had to go with a hometown favorite, from where I grew up, Bell's Beer. I would either be sipping on a Two Hearted or a summertime fav Oberon." Find BreAnne here: Blog | Facebook

What would be your Go. Read. Sip. choices be?? Please share below! Please note: I'm currently not accepting new sponsors at this time! I'm planning to launch a NEW blog design this Friday and will also be launching a new sponsor program for Maiedae! Get excited!!

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