Tuesday, April 23, 2013


During this beautiful season and beautiful weather, I've been scheming up a lot of fun to-do's for my home and with friends that I want to accomplish before summer hits! I LOVE this time of year.

1// Make fancy drinks for my friends and come up with a couple of recipes of my own. 2// Finally put together my own font. 3// Get my workout on! I love that Jenny and I are now exercise buddies, it's SO helpful having someone to keep you accountable. 4// Have fun with nail art. I'm thinking this also includes a few girl nights with plenty of snacks and a great movie. 5// Decorate the studio space for Maiedae. 6// Sketch out my next tattoo idea and find an artist to put it together for me. 7// Hang plants in my home near the windows. 8// Find a bathing suit. 9// Print photos, including some of these amazing draft sized photos

What's on your to-do list for the spring?

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