Thursday, April 21, 2011

ListoGraphy: Shows I Love

I might have mentioned this before, but I love love lists. I'd like to make them all day long with different colored felt-tip markers in my Moleskine journal. :) So, I'm starting a new "random whenever I feel like it" feature, Listography.

Today is all about shows  -- These are all shows that I have watched through life that have given me interesting memories and lots of laughs (some more than others.) I've watched a lot of these growing up with my little brother and sister, when I've been sick, and during college with Jon. We love sharing shows together, cuddling up, and eating a yummy snack. The first three months of our marriage were spent watching every season of Lost back to back...and it. was. amazing.
A List of Shows I've Watched & Loved:
* Full House**
* Step by Step*
* Family Matters
* Boy Meets World*****
* Sabrina the Teenage Witch
* Clarissa Explains it All
* Figure it Out
* All That***
* The Amanda Show**
* Are You Afraid of the Dark?
* Even Stevens**
* Lizzie McGuire
* Smart Guy
* The Cosby Show**
* Doug
* Lois & Clark
* America's Next Top Model****
* Project Runway*
* Design Star*
* Lost**
* Twin Peaks*
* X-Files*
* The Walking Dead**
* Fringe**
* Bones
* Teen Mom***
* Trigun*
* Degrassi***
* Castle**
* Grey's Anatomy*
* Mythbusters**
* The Office**
* Dexter****
* Community****

* = Favorites! * = Currently Watching/ReWatching * = Shows I've Watched with Jon * = Childhood Favs * = Good for Passing the Time * = I'd Watch You Over & Over

What are your all-time-favorite shows from your childhood and currently? Feel free to leave a comment with your answer or blog about it and link up! I'm always in the mood to find a new show to sink into!


  1. I just started a listography feature on my blog too. :-) I love lists! I love reading other peoples' lists!
    Oh how I loved step by step, full house and boy meets world. those were the good ole days! ;-)

  2. Ooooh, I might do the same! My sisters and I are all obsessed with making lists & I can't function without them. I make several a day.. some for no real reason. This will be fun!

  3. Anonymous21.4.11

    Oohh boy. I make lists everyday!
    I actually need more notebooks...
    And I own 30+. :/ Lol, am I the only one with this problem?!

  4. Anonymous22.4.11

    i love love love lists too!

    are you afraid of the dark? awesome!

  5. I love lists, too! And, strangely enough, I was (just) thinking about "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?". We weren't supposed to watch it as kids because it gave us bad dreams so we would have to sneak-watch it...but only after grandpa fell asleep while babysitting us :)

  6. Scrubs! We're currently watching all of them on Netflix. We did the every season of Lost thing too to catch Paul up before the Series Finale. It was great!

  7. Ooo! What about Community? or Portlandia?
    Both of them are gems I've just run into. (I literally couldn't breathe in the "bottle cap" community episode) :)

  8. O my could I have forgotten about Community!! - Thanks for the reminder...I knew I was missing something. :D

  9. I think we might be tv twins!!!

  10. my favorite show on HULU right now is Being Erica. they have all three seasons. :)

  11. I ♥ Dexter too! And Californication and True Blood. I love HBO and Showtime series.

    ♥ sécia