Thursday, March 20, 2014


Now that things are settling in a little with Soren, Jon and I have been taking the time here and there to make a little bit of progress on our home. We have a lot of painting planned and some exciting big projects for this year! Currently, I've been working little by little on decorating my studio space. I painted it before having Soren and am not crazy about the color so I'll be re-painting it and getting everything together to create a functional space!

Here are a few inspiration photos of what I'm thinking for the studio!

1// Originally, I painted the studio a super light mint color. After taking the time to look at it for a while and "feel it out", I decided it wasn't the right color for the space and for the lighting. Instead I'll be pulling out our cans of black chalkboard paint and painting the top half black and leaving the bottom white. I think it will give it a really interesting look and I love the idea of being able to draw on the walls. :) I'm thinking about having Jenny write out Maiedae in her fancy handwriting. :) I have a wooden desk, so I like how this photo shows what the two could look like together.

2// I have plans for lots of gold accessories. Target was having a sale on a lot of their home pieces so I snagged some really beautiful gold desk accents!

3// Since we have hardwood floor throughout, I wanted to find a really great plush rug to put in the space. I would love a rug that would be great for Soren to play on and cozy up to. It's hard finding a beautiful neutral rug that doesn't shed, stays looking great, and is kid-friendly...your suggestions are welcome! :)

4// I love a well organized space with lots of storage and a place for everything! Outside of a desk, I'm working on figuring out what type of storage I need and what would look best in the space.

I can't wait to show you the progress post soon!

Photo Credit: Smitten Studio, The Everygirl, Eva Black Design

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