I have always had the desire to be self-employed and have my own business; I just didn't always know what that would look like. My first business, called "Critter Sitters", was where I would house-sit the neighborhood pets. That evolved into a nail painting business for my mom's friends, helping my mom sell her AVON products, and taking every chance I could get to do something that appeared "self-employed". Maiedae began to take form once I was immersed in college and realized how alive designing, creating, and approaching business made me feel. Eventually, creating became like breathing for me; I couldn't live without it. Maiedae's pieces were put together as my experiences revealed more about my passions. Little did I know I would be meeting someone with the same dream in college and that our friendship & love for creativity would produce a great business partnership.

After graduation, I had more free time, less stress, and a Moleskine journal full of dreams. I remember lying in bed one night, feeling this need to accomplish something. I needed to be creative and to stop looking at my list of dreams as a "hopefully, one day, maybe" list. My husband turned to me that night and earnestly told me, "just do it.” For some reason, that was all I needed to give me a motivation and inspiration so big that I can only give credit to God. In all my life I had never known that type of motivation. A shift in my mindset happened that week that made me stop dreaming and start doing. That was an enormously catalytic moment in my life. 

A couple of weeks later, Maiedae was born. A couple months after that, Jenny moved to Atlanta to come on board and we've spent the last few years dreaming, plotting and running after our dream. What you see now is a collection of years of inspiration and passion growing slowly. Right now, we would consider Maiedae a toddler; she has a lot of growing to do and the dreams for her are huge, but we think they are attainable, thrilling, and we cannot wait to share this journey with you along the way. 

The Breakdown
Maiedae, LLC is a partnership co-owned by myself and my business partner, Jenny. Maiedae was founded in 2010. To get a better idea of the current breakdown//vision of Maiedae, checkout the following:

BLOGGING: Maiedae’s Blog is a lifestyle blog run by me and aims to inspire by featuring creative resources, life balance, fashion, home nesting, DIY Projects, small business development, everyday living, and the joys of being a wife! Also be sure to check out Jenny's beautiful lifestyle blog called Jenny Highsmith here, I'm sure you'll love her as much as I do! ;) 

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Maiedae offers a handful of graphic design services. We currently specialize in blog design (for both Blogger and Wordpress), branding and website design. Check out our website to get more information about our packages and see our portfolio! Be on the lookout for more exciting packages being launched in 2014!

Meet the Team
Savannah - Co-owner & Innovations Engineer. Strengths: futuristic, ideation and development. 
Jenny - Co-owner & Visionary Producer. Strengths: strategy, execution and artistic vision.
Leah - Administrator, bookkeeper, chief editor, project manager and customer experience director. Basically, Leah is extraordinary and helps keep Maiedae on it's feet! She's also an amazing author on the side!

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