Wednesday, April 03, 2013


If you've been a reader of my blog for the past 6 months then you know my love for LUSH! From giveaways to constant features, I feel like I'm always talking about how much I love the company. I'm not afriad to admit that I'm really drawn to their marketing and packaging, but I've also discovered some great products that will forever be in-stock at my house.

Ever since I discovered the goodness of LUSH, I've been having a blast trying out different products. I decided to put together a little video review discussing the products I love and the ones I didn't love so much. However, reviewing this video just made me want to go out and buy more products to try. ;)

Chou Chou...I Love You // Toothy Tabs
Happy Happy Joy Joy // Conditioner
Curly Wurly // Coconut Shampoo*
R&B // Leave-in Conditioner
Sultana of Soap // Soap Bar
Almond & Coconut Smoothie // Shower Smoothie*
Aqua Mirabilis // Exfoliating Body Butter Bar 
Dream Cream // Body Lotion
Vanilla Puff // Dusting Powder 
Mange Too // Massage Bar*
Ocean Salt // Face & Body Scrub*
Angels on Bare Skin // Cleanser & Gentle Scrub
Imperialis // Moisturizer*
Eau Roma Water // Toner Spray*
Love Lettuce // Face Mask
Mint Julips // Lip Scrub*

Asterisks indicate my favorite products that I will definitely be buying over and over again!

Be sure to check out and subscribe to my YouTube Channel to see all of my videos! If you have any questions or LUSH product suggestions for me, please feel free to comment! Happy Wednesday, friends. :)

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