Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I'm crazy about these beautiful science posters from vol25. Jessica recently released the series and I had an insanely difficult time picking out my favorite. I love that these posters come ready to hang with rustic handmade wood framing. This beautiful butterfly and feather poster are also on my wish-list too!

This is currently it's temporary home until I find the perfect place for it. I'm thinking it might look great in the living room or the hallway once I get my behind into gear and finish up the decorating! ;)

Check out Jessica's full collection of science posters here!

1// Antler Science Poster - c/o vol25 2// Gold Skull - ZGallerie 3// White pot & plants - IKEA 4// Yellow Pot - Whole Foods 5// Celestial Coasters - Anthropologie 6// Sewing Table - Antique 

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