Monday, April 01, 2013


1// Flippy Dress - I've been loving the look of a fit and flair dress lately. I'd like to get a small collection to wear this Spring. This pattern is beautiful and would look so great with a pair of colorful shoes and some of my favorite gold jewelry. So ready to start dressing warmer.

2// Rope Hammock Chair - Jon and I have a little porch upstairs that leads out from our bedroom. We've talked about getting a Hammock or swinging chair to put out there to enjoy the sunshine and rest. Now I can't stop thinking about getting one. :)

3// Ipsy Glam Bag - You've heard me talk about Popsugar and I can't wait to get my next box this month! But I'm also excited to start a new subscription service with Ipsy. Ipsy is a $10 per month beauty subscription service that includes premium sized samples of great beauty products. You fill out a mini questionnaire and they put together a custom package for you each month, usually worth $50-$60. I'm really looking forward to trying out some new products!

4// Dainty Rings - I've been collecting gold dainty rings lately and I love the unique shape of this one from Stone & Honey.

5// Moon Nightlight - It's always nice to have a nightlight lighting up dark halls. Why not make it a moon light? I love how this looks and think it would be so pretty in our upstairs hallway.

6// Striped Bow Flats - I love an oversized bow on pointy flats. This is the perfect "mixing patterns" pair of shoes that would look great with so many pieces.

7// Kors Gold Watch - I've been eyeing this beauty for a couple months now. Jenny and I are going to New York in June for the Alt Summit conference and I'm thinking about saving all of my birthday money to buy one there. I tried it on at a store a couple weeks ago and loved how it looked, especially with all that sparkly bling. :)

8// Warby Parker Glasses - It's about time I update my prescription glasses. I'm currently in the process of trying on a few pairs to pick out new ones. Looking forward to seeing better. ;)

9// Modkat Litter Box - I love how attractive and modern these kitty litter boxes are. Our current one is huge, bulky and hard to hide. I like how if these are seen it's not a complete eye/nose assault.

10// Modern Chair - I'm thinking a pair of these for our living room might be the perfect pop of color that we need! I love the shape, legs, and color of these chairs. I'm especially a fan of the sale price. ;)

What's on your spring wishlist?

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