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Casi is such an inspirational mommy with 5 beautiful children! She's the founder of CupcakeMAG and is an overall super-mom. Casi and I recently connected and I immediately loved her sweet and positive personality! Thank you for sharing some mommy knowledge with me and my readers!  

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Greatest Challenge as a Mom
As a Mom of 5, my biggest challenge continues to be creating that perfect balance from work and family. Being a work-at-home mom - I have many hats as founder of cupcakeMAG, as a publicist, as a writer, but most importantly as a mom. It's a fine line that I continue to tweak each day in hopes that it eventually won't be a challenge. It can be so hard to switch hats especially when working from home. But if this is my greatest challenge, I will take it, because I feel so lucky to be able to do it.

Greatest Joy
The greatest joy is the unconditional love a child gives you. No matter what kind of day I am having, their smiles make it THAT much better.

Favorite Memory Being a Mom
The kisses. All of the kisses! Grayson, my 15-month-old gives some mean sloppy kisses and they always make me laugh. Just watching their personalities shine each day as they continue to grow creates a beautiful memory I always will cherish.

A Word of Advice
Follow your heart. Forget all of the advice and do what you think is best for your family. Whether it's bottle feeding, breast feeding, co-sleeping -- you have to do what is best for you regardless of what the baby books say.

5 Resources You LOVE as a Mom
1// Pinterest of course is the never-ending website of inspiration. While sometimes it makes me feel like I need to step-up my game at the next 1st grade party, it always gives me such great ideas.

2// I can't leave without notebooks. I currently have at least 5 that I am using on my desks because I am constantly making lists after lists to stay organized. Currently I am obsessing over this one from Sugar and Type.

3// Of course, Babble is one of my favorite parenting sites I love to cruise. You can check out my posts there too! I love reading all of the fun posts on Babble.

4// I absolutely love Stokke. I don't know how I pushed any other stroller. I am obsessed and in-love with all of their amazing products.

5// Freshly Picked moccasins. Need I say more? They are the best baby shoes on the planet. Check them out!

Find Casi here: Site | Instagram | Pinterest

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