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I first met Jen in Austin at a conference and just loved her sweet spirit! She has a beautiful site, Jen Loves Kev, filled with posts on being a momma, lifestyle, fashion, and super creative DIY projects. I'm planning on doing her printed family t-shirt DIY soon! Her two little ladies are just the cutest! Thank you so much Jen for sharing!! 

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Greatest Challenge as a Mom
My greatest challenge as a new mom was learning to trust myself. Everyone has something to say about parenting. Even people who aren't parents have something to say about parenting. It can be sooo political. It's hard to not let the "mommy guilt" take over when you think you aren't doing it as well as someone else. The truth is we are all doing our best. We know our little ones better than anyone! So we when learn to trust our own instincts and believe we are making the best decisions for our babes, motherhood is a whole lot sweeter. Everyone should give themselves a pat on the back! Or a piece of chocolate.

Greatest Joy
Oh my goodness! Doing anything for the first time with your baby is like the best thing ever. First christmas, first time to the beach, first time to the zoo, etc... I usually choke up over everything. It's just the sweetest to see them experience something new. Everything is magical, even for you as the parent. We are always out on adventures with our kids.

Favorite Memory Being a Mom
Oh boy! This sure changes a lot. I keep thinking "this has to be the sweetest moment" then the next week something else happens and I think "now this is the sweetest". Ha! Lately though, I have been so in love with watching my girls play together. My daughter Finley just turned one and she is finally starting to be at an age where she can really play with her sister. My older daughter, Rowan, makes her laugh like no one else. It just melts my heart.

A Word of Advice
That being a mom is enough! As women, I feel like the world (and ourselves) puts so much pressure on us to be perfect at so many things. That being "just" a mom isn't good enough. What a lie! We need to know that raising children is such an act of selflessness. Something that should be valued and respected. We are teaching them, loving them, caring for them, and showing them how to grow into this world. It truly is one of the greatest blessings.

5 Resources You LOVE as a Mom 
1// Aden and Anais Swaddles: Our most used baby product. We use them for EVERYTHING!

2// Kelly Mom: Tips for all things nursing. So helpful!

3// Little Hip Squeaks: Our favorite baby accessories.

4// Haba: Our favorite brand of baby/toddler toys.

5// Beaba Babycook: I am slightly obsessed with making baby food. It is so fun!

Find Jen here: Site | Instagram | Pinterest

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