Monday, February 24, 2014


Hi, Maiedae readers! So grateful to be a guest here, especially on such a special occasion! I thought I would share some quick advice on what I finally learned the third time around after having my son Max.

There aren't really words to describe that first week of life of a child. Despite the post labor pains, sleepless nights, and adjustments at home, there is an unprecedented joy and peace that takes over my heart to have this tiny being in existence. There are only a few precious months when their innocence and dependence on you is so pure and simple.

With each child I have grown more aware of just how fleeting the time is, and so I have learned that it is really okay to ignore the laundry and the growing pile of dishes, and just hold my baby a little longer. Everything else in life will come and go, but the time we have with our children is irreplaceable and irreversible.

So my advice for new mothers is to give yourself time to get back into a groove, give yourself time to rest and find balance, and especially give yourself time to hold that new baby. And also, let your husband in. He is probably more than cautious, learning his new role as a protector and provider for a new life, and how to love you best in your new role. Give them lots of reassurance and in return they might change a few diapers and maybe give you that massage you really need. ;) 

Congratulations, Savannah, on precious little Soren! So very happy for your family!

1// Beoudreaux's Butt Paste - This wonder cream has saved us time and again with any diaper rash problems. Within 24 hours you see improvement and happy baby returns!

2// Lily Jade Bag - I carry around large totes to keep everything in one place when I am on the go with my three little ones. Unfortunately, most bags only have one large pocket for you to spend hours of your life rummaging to find that one pacifier. Lily Jade came to the rescue when Max was born and I now recommend it for all baby registries! Pocket heaven with enough room to fit everything you need. Versatile backpack straps for long days on your feet, and canvas inserts for easy cleaning. I can't say enough good things about it. It's all disguised in a stylish leather tote form. :)

3// Mom N Mia Natural Teethers - These have been Max's favorite thing to chew on and play with. :)

4// Life Factory Glass Bottles - Easy for the baby to hold, safe for their health, and so far, the only bottle Max will drink out of!

5// Wren and Rumor Swaddle Blankets - Softer than soft, the perfect size for swaddling, and a very fun selection of modern prints. Max likes to cuddle with this blanket now. :)

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Anna of In Honor of Design is such a sweet friend that I had the pleasure of meeting and working with recently. She has been my ultimate inspiration for being a great mama and running a killer business. She is a go-getter and I'm so honored to know her personally. Thank you Anna for sharing such special advice with my readers! 

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