Friday, February 22, 2013


This morning I woke up and felt like rubbish. The night before I had a wonderful coffee date with a friend, made plans to be productive in the morning and finish out my first week strong as a full-time small business owner. I felt a little funny before dosing off to sleep last night and then woke up a couple times during the night feeling off...and then the morning came.

Mornings have been interesting at the Wallace household lately. For the past several months we've had construction going on in the woods behind our condo. To paint a picture for side of the bed faces the east window, so right around the time I'm ready to wake up the sun and all of it's "good morning, get out of the freakin bed" flares are right in my face. Our room is filled with light and right outside the window is a beautiful tree, and every morning a tiny bird that has a similar tone to a car alarm sings us awake from early dawn until be are literally out of the bed. And...back to the construction, for some reason starting around 6:00am a giant piece of machinery (not sure what it is, I haven't been able to spot it), makes that backing up "bleep bleep bleeeeepppping" sound for 3 hours straight. So we have the sun, the incessant bird and the melodic bleep bleep bleeeping of the construction work. AND right around 7:30am, Kaito, our grey-hairded cat gets hungry and makes sure we are very aware of it by howling at the top of his lungs at the tiny crack at the bottom of our door. It's truly a symphony to hear. ;)

Most mornings Jon and I can burry our heads in our pillows, put on a little static background noise and get an extra hour of sleep in, but this morning for some reason hit me all at once, I think I might have gone mad.

Photo found here.

Stumbling through our bedroom to the shower, I had that "feeling" come over was going to be a sick day and more than likely I would be good for absolutely nothing. Sometimes it's hard to take an unplanned day off and force yourself to get well so you can heal and get all of the rest you need. I finally submitted to what my body was telling me, crawled back into bed right out of the shower and haven't gotten out since. I'm feeling loads better and plan to be back on my feet tomorrow but am thankful I took some down time today to get well.

During my day in bed, I came up with a couple of "must-do's" during a sick day:

1. Nothing - If you don't have the energy to read, work or think...just don't do anything. Try and get some sleep, lay still and just try to be as peaceful as possible.

2. Listen to Your Mother - I might not want to drink any water, take any medicine or eat a thing...but try and do whats best for your body. Stay hydrated and let your insanely amazing body work on the getting back to normal process.

3. Watch YouTube - Once your brain starts functioning somewhat normally and you are well enough to actually watch something, go to YouTube! Of course there is Hulu and Netflix, which are brilliant, but I've found a new obsession (thanks to my sister) on YouTube watching beauty and fashion videos. Currently loving this, this and this channel.

4. "Window" Shop - Since your stuck in bed, might as well browse the internet and do a little online window shopping. Sometimes it's just fun to put things in your cart or on your wish-list and never actually buy a thing. I DID however get inspired and bought myself a small haul of "love myself" goodies from LUSH. Omg I love that shop.

5. Enjoy - You're in bed. You're sick...might as well make the best of it and enjoy the day off, especially in-between the "i think this is the end" feelings. ;)

And now, with that, I'm going to take my own advice and do "nothing" by going to sleep. :) I wish you well and all the best in your health! I hope you have a wonderful weekend friends.


  1. Online "window" shopping and watching a ton of movies are my favourite sick day activities.

    Hope you're feeling better soon, and feel recharged afterwards. :)

  2. I online window shop sooo much haha
    Feel better soon deary!

  3. I've been sick in bed all day as well! No fun...although spending the day in bed instead of going to work was kinda nice. Haha. I definitely did all these things! Especially the window shopping :). Hope you feel better soon!

  4. I agree with all these points, you hit all of the necessities for a sick day. I also accompany all of these things with hot tea and dosing off between youtube videos.

    I hope you feel better very very soon.

  5. Being sick is the worst. It's a good opportunity to have a somewhat peaceful day, at least.

    I like to make lists when I'm sick. It's totally weird. I recently made a listen of all of my favorite songs and categorized them by band name. For inspiration, I would go to YouTube and listen to videos like "100 Best 90s Songs" or "100 Best Classic Rock Songs" and be like "woahhh, I totally forgot about that song!" And then when I had a sizable amount of songs on my list (150+), I made a Spotify account and put them all in one playlist. Now when I go for a run I put on that playlist and I don't have to listen to Pandora.

    Sick day, 0. Me, 1.

    Anyway, that's one suggestion if you're a music nerd like me. I wish I could offer more! I hope you feel much better soon. I'll give you some happy animal thoughts to keep by your pillow tonight:

    --When male puppies and female puppies wrestle, the male purposely lets the female win.
    --Worms communicate by cuddling.
    --A group of porcupines is called a pickle.

    Feel better!

  6. I love having a day off, and I agree with all the things in your list. I love those beauty videos btw! they are slightly addictive! (I love Zoella, you should also check Tanya Burr!) I hope you get better soon! x

  7. Gosh, its so rubbish to be sick! Hope you're feeling better. Great posts even when you're ill!


  8. Nice suggestions! I hope you feel better soon! xx

  9. I find staying in my pyjamas and watching acappella choirs on youtube all day is a sure fire cure
    hope you're feeling better and the work stops behind your house soon, that sounds rough

  10. great advice! get well soon!

    Amanda Rose