Thursday, May 08, 2014


A few weeks ago I posted a photo on Instagram asking you to submit questions for me to answer! I loved all of your questions and had so much fun putting this video together for you. :) I tried to answer as many as possible and was even inspired to make separate videos/blog posts out of some of your questions, so thank you!! It's a little on the longer side but I've got some fun old photos of my
hair and of Jon and me that you won't want to miss. ;)

* Blog Life E-Course - A Beautiful Mess //
* My Favorite Red Lipstick Picks //
* Faux Nose Ring Shop on Etsy //
* Blogilates YouTube Channel //
* Crazy Sexy Diet //
* Jaclyn Hill //
* Missglamorazzi //
* Grav3yardgirl //
* Arden Rose //
* Essie Button //

Thanks again for all of your questions!! You are awesome! I hope you have a fantastic rest of your week and an amazing weekend. Lots of love!

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