Sunday, September 09, 2012


This week was the first week of my work travels for the next two months. I'm assisting with 9 different events at my 9-5 job, helping with set-up and running the photo-booth for guests. I was in Irvine, CA, from Wednesday-Friday and I'll be in Raleigh and Austin next week! For my 9-5, I usually spend all of my time working on graphic design projects for different departments, so this has been an exciting change of pace from the norm. I only wish I could bring Jon with me on all the trips!

Speaking of, my husband turned 25 yesterday! I'm so proud of the man he is. It's been such a journey knowing him from the time we were 16 to our mid-twenties. We've gone through so much life together. Love my best friend. :)

Today we are doing a family celebration for Jon's birthday. My parents and siblings are coming over to his parents' house for a huge meal. This is always one of our favorite parts of birthday time is getting together with our family. AND I get to see my little niece, Emerson. :D

Snapshot(s) of the Week: 1// Succulents and blood orange at a local restaurant, Bear Flag, in California. 2// Photo-booth fun! 3// Birthday boy! 4// Stunning prizes in the mail from Laura's shop. See what they are in an upcoming outfit post.

5 Favorite Posts: 
* How to Pitch Your Dream Project by DesignLoveFest
* Brush Cleaning 101 by The Beauty Department
* Balance: A Journey not a Destination by MindBodyGreen
* Homemade Photo Filter DIY by A Beautiful Mess
* Best of Bars & Bar Carts by Design*Sponge

Favorite Blog of the Week:
* Going Home to Roost - A friend of mine introduced me to this blog last weekend. Love her fun blog posts and her premium blog membership is brilliant.

Inspiring Me this Week:
* While I've been traveling, I've spent a lot of time brainstorming and making lists in my Moleskine. I've been working on new projects for Maiedae, new blog ideas...working out problems and setting new goals for myself. I love how creatively productive I am on a plane.

3 Things About Yours Truly:
* I prefer the window seat on a plane, even if it's a 5+ hour trip.
* I recently purchased a hard case, carry-on at Target, thanks to the encouragement of my traveling friend, Kate. I love it! It has four wheels and is so easy to walk around the airport with AND it fits beautifully in the overhead compartment. Thanks for the suggestion Kate!
* When I stay in a hotel room by myself, I always put on TLC and keep it on all night. Also, I. Love. King. Sized. Beds.


  1. Great list :) Lovely pics!


  2. Its always fun to have a different kind of project to work on! I hope all of your trips go well. And happy birthday to the hubby!