Friday, June 01, 2012


Last Sunday, Jenny and I hosted our third Pinterest Party! This month, we asked the girls to bring supplies for a jewelry stand. This DIY was a little more open ended than the others, because we sent them Pinterest inspiration, but left it up to them to pick out how they wanted to make their own displays. :)

We prepared veggies, crackers, hummus snacks, and a yummy orange juice//ginger ale mix with strawberries before our guests arrived. It was a small crowd this month due to the holiday weekend, but the four of us had a blast working on our projects and watching the ever amazing Emma Stone in Easy A. I loved seeing the different stands each girl created. Jenny used a frame, Kate used a small wooden shelf and a slice-a-slice she scored at an antique store, and Jessie used a wooden flooring sample! I wish I could have gotten better photos of their projects, the lighting in our living room turned out to be very poor so they didn't turn out. :( I'm going to think of a better way to photograph the other projects for future posts!

For my display, I just purchased a wooden cutting board from the thrift store for $1.50. Score! I used, little white and brass colored jars and display bowls for the rest of my jewelry, so I wanted to make sure I designed something that fit with the rest of my jewelry keepers. 

Here are the supplies I used:
* Wooden Board
* Thin Masking Tape
* Acrylic Paint
* Brass Screw Hooks
* Hanging Hardware (not shown in the photos, placed on the back)

Step 1: Tape down your board in the pattern you want.
Step 2: Use an acrylic paint (or spray paint) of your choice to paint the entire piece.
Step 3: Carefully remove the tape before the paint is completely dry.
Step 4: Use the same color paint to touch up and correct mistakes. I decided to paint some of the lines to connect on my pattern so it created a more geo pattern.
Step 5: After the paint dries, use a pencil and a rulers to mark where you want your brass hooks.
Step 6: Screw in each hook. The wood I used was soft enough for me to do this by hand. If your material is too tough, try using a hammer and a nail to get a hole started. 
Step 7: Attach hanging hardware to the back of your display so you can hang it on a wall.

Tips: This is a great project to really get creative. Use wire, ribbon, or lace to create a different place for your jewelry to hang. One girl even cut shapes from a free people catalog to create a collage with mod-podge! 

I'm thinking about creating another that's a longer length with a similar design for my longer necklaces. :) I love doing these Pinterest Parties. It's been such a fun way to get to know new friends, have much needed girl time, and create something beautiful from all that inspiration on our Pinterest accounts! Next time we meet, we are planning to try our hand at this DIY. Can't wait! 


  1. This is such an amazing idea! I would love to host a pinterst party with some friends!

  2. Anonymous1.6.12

    i LOVE this. I will definitely be doing this. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love how yours turned out :) So pretty!!!

  4. LOVE this display board! The wood grain texture peeking out from behind is beautiful. :)

    Do you mind me asking where your chevron necklace is from? It's gorgeous!

    1. To be honest, I don't remember who made it! I bought it from the Renegade shop in Chicago before it closed down. :(

  5. i just did one similar to this! but its smaller. i love chevron :) i'll be posting mine soon. once i can hang it up and show it off. --mila

  6. I absolutely LOVE this idea!!

  7. pinterest party?!

    that sounds fantastic! there's just something about a bunch of people creating together- the vibes just make the project(s) a lot more fulfilling, and usually just better.

    i love this!

  8. That looks so cool, I wouldn't have thought of painting a pattern on it.

  9. very pretty! I've been trying to reorganize my jewelery lately so this gives me some ideas. AND I'm pretty obsessed with anything wood textured. Yours turned out so pretty. :)

  10. This was super cute DIY! I actually just moved and was putting together a fun craft list for the summer to make my place a bit more me, and I believe this is most definitely going on the list :) Great post!

  11. It looks great Savannah,lurve it!

  12. Anonymous5.6.12

    What a great idea. I've started accumulating all of this jewellery and I really needed a way to display it. I'm definitely going to have to take this into consideration. Also. All of your thrifting blows my mind - nice work.

  13. I really love this! The design on the wood alone would be a great wall hanging piece.