Monday, December 09, 2013


Sometimes you have really bad days. Sometimes bad days happen a lot easier when your pregnancy hormones are raging and all technology is out to get you. ;) Friday was that type of day for me. I woke up feeling bleh-sad-weird-unmotived and as the day progressed little things kept building up and making it more and more BLEH.

Jon knew my day was not-so-hot and being the loving and sweet husband that he is, he surprised me by coming home early from work with my favorite drink from Sonic at hand. He's been so attentive and sweet during this pregnancy. It's been so wonderful to have him by my side, taking such great care of me. I love him SO freaking much!! We had talked about going out of town on Saturday, but in a spur of the moment decision, and after realizing it was much needed, we decided to take a late night drive to Greenville, SC, and stay in a hotel.

We spent the majority of the day on Saturday enjoy the downtown area. We went to the Holiday Indie Craft Parade, visited a few pop up shops and ate some delicious BBQ at a local restaurant. We had such a laid-back, restful time, it was exactly what I needed. It has seriously been an emotional roller-coaster of emotions during this third trimester! I am SO completely thankful for a mini trip away and for Jon. I couldn't have made it through the weekend in one piece without him. :)  

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