Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Today, Soren is three months old! We've definitely been enjoying all of his sounds, smiles and little peeks into his personality. He wants so much to sit, grab, and stand even though he's not old enough. It's so cute to see that determined look on his face. I have to say that it's become more fun being a parent and less tiring lately. I can hardly wait for all of the fun and new things to come. :)

FAVORITE TOY: I'm trying to get him into liking Sofie the Giraffe. He still prefers faces and playing with us over toys right now. :) GROWTH: He's nearing 13.5 pounds and has a huge noggin. ;) He's tall and lean, which means he's growing quickly out of his clothes! I packed up all of his newborn clothes the other day and I'm now wondering if we need to go up to 3-6 months soon. Goodness! FEEDING: He's gotten a lot more serious about feeding times and isn't wanting to feed nearly as much as he was when he was a newbie. I'm thankful for that! SLEEP: He's starting to have more and more nights where he's sleeping anywhere from 4-6 hours in a row. It's not every night but almost! DEVELOPMENT: Tummy time has been going really well! He's holding his head up much better! I'm wondering when he'll start trying to roll-over. He smiles all the time and today was the first time he let out a little giggle. Of course, it was at his dad for acting silly. We nearly burst into tears of happiness after hearing him. It was too cute for words. FAVORITE MOMENT: I love our conversations together. He gets really into his coo-ing and loves when we talk to him, use silly accents, sing and make crazy noises. :) He's usually the most talkative in the morning which totally makes my day awesome. LOOKING FORWARD TO: Experiencing more and more firsts!

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