Tuesday, April 01, 2014


It's a little difficult to believe that we've had Soren in our life for 9 weeks. Just as it was difficult for us to imagine him in our life, it's now become difficult for us to imagine him not in our lives. It has been an incredible experience being a mother, and it has brought me so much joy. I sit here looking at this sweet boy and am just overwhelmed that he came from Jon and me. I've said this before, but I've loved being a parent with Jon. Knowing him for almost 10 years and now having this new experience with him is so "right" and we've loved it.

I've found myself getting really excited about all of the stages of childhood ahead. Saying his first words, becoming overwhelmingly excited about Christmas, learning about the world around him, developing his personality. There is so much to look forward to. :) Right now he's been spending a lot more time awake and aware. He's smiling LOTS and coo-ing up a storm. He's a happy boy.

It has been interesting working on finding a balance between caring for him, caring for my home, and working over this past month. I've found that If I keep myself organized and scheduled and not over-ambitious, than I can make it work and get things done while still enjoying him. I sure do work like a mad-woman when he goes down for his nap, though! ;) -- It really has also been a huge, gigantic blessing having my parents and in-laws so close. We are a close family and they have loved spending time with Soren. My mom usually comes over 1-2 times each week to spend time with me, cuddle Soren, and help me get things done. She also helps keep me inspired to stay healthy and eat yummy foods. It has been such a treasure developing a closer relationship with her, I'm so glad she is now cancer-free, in full recovery and rocking a bad-a$$ pixie. ;) She loves being a grandma and I love watching her be a grandma. :)

I also have to say that it sure feels good to be on the other side of this recovery. I feel so much more like myself. My body feels better, my mind is clearer and my energy is getting back up to normal status. I have to say that patience with the healing process and doing my best to eat well, take vitamins and rest really helped. -- I've been planning to share my birth story sometime this month with you, I just need to carve out some good time to write it all out. Soren sure decided to make a grand-entrance!! ;)

Nine weeks down, a lifetime to go. :)

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