Friday, August 20, 2010


These past couple of weeks have been a wonderful time of fellowship, work, family, friends, travel, and creativity. I made a much needed trip to IKEA last weekend and I think I am finally on the verge of completing my living room. Things left to purchase:

1. Small Wall Table
2. Coffee Table
3. Wall Artwork

We have the textiles, pretty little things, and most of the furniture. This one-room-at-a-time deal really seems to be working. At least the progress is more visible. The next focus room will be the guest room//my creative explosion office//music room//hang out room. Take in mind: this is a small space, and somehow I have to make all these pieces fit, without overcrowding and overwhelming our guests! Thank goodness for Domino, The Nest, Home Blogs and IKEA. Otherwise, I couldn't make it through.

And now, to the exciting part! After weeks of scouting materials, playing around with patterns, and buying supplies, I have finally produced enough pieces to open my Etsy shop. The grand opening of my shop is in a week, but here is a sneak peak at my handmade hair flowers from reclaimed, vintage, and purchased materials. I have three different flower looks at this time: Rosette's, Poppies, and Bouquet's. See one you like? Look for the opening of my shop soon! I will also offer custom-made orders. You pick the fabric and flower, and I'll create your little darling for you. :)

I am in love with this color palette. I love the rich colors and beautiful textures of these flowers and I hope you do, too!

* Peach Poppy Bobby Pin
* Vintage Olive Bouquet Clip

* Vintage Floral and Mesh Whipped Cream Bouquet Clip
* Rich Papaya Large Rosette Headband

*Fresh Green set of two Poppy Bobby Pins
*Reclaimed Lemon Floral Rosette Headband

*Vintage Floral and Mesh Bouquet Clip
*Large Vintage Olive Headband

* Large Reclaimed Lemon Floral Bouquet Clip
* Set of three Rosette Clips in Papaya, Mustard and Charcoal

All of your purchases come gift-wrapped with love in vintage inspired packaging, so even if this is for yourself, you still get to open a gift when it arrives!

Since this is the first sneak peak, I will package and send one of these beautiful pieces to someone. Want one? All you have to do is comment on this post and the winner will be randomly selected next Friday! Good luck!


  1. I'd love one of those headbands! Haha. Sign me up for this drawing. These are gorgeous, Savannah.

  2. Ahhhh!! Your work rocks!! I'm so impressed, friend. I can't wait to see more!

  3. LeeAnne Mischler21.8.10

    Very creative! I am impressed. :)

  4. Madi Thornton21.8.10

    Yay! You will have a new customer soon :)

  5. Anonymous21.8.10

    this looks like so much fun savannah! vintage fabrics can be so delicate and pretty. it looks like ur loving life and ur job as a designer and way to go on opening ur shop! julia

  6. i think each of them are BRILLIANT!
    put me into that drawing! it would make my day to win one :)

  7. Patrick Young21.8.10

    I am commenting because these are awesome! although i dont believe i can make them work

  8. Anonymous22.8.10

    these are so beautiful, sister! I adore the mustard yellow clip :) you are so talented.

  9. Anonymous22.8.10

    so sweet and cute! <3 ani

  10. Amber Price22.8.10

    Savannah all of these are so beautiful! If I don't win, I am most definitely planning on purchasing one :)

  11. Jenny Mischler22.8.10

    I love you so much :) I am so excited to buy one of your pieces! They are all absolutely adorable.

  12. Collene Young22.8.10

    Savannah, your God-given creativity is amazing. You have a real gift. Their all beautiful pieces.
    ...oh by the way I like the olive green one ::wink wink::

  13. Very cute work, Savannah! You have a special gift in creating beautiful things. I love keeping up with you and Jon's new life together! Good luck with the Etsy shop, I'm sure you will do great!

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