Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This week has been a lazy week. Two days, I worked from home and was determined to stay in my PJ's the entire time. This was one of the first times I worked from home while my husband was at work, so our little place was quiet and still. I discovered a couple of things during my time on the couch in front of the computer.

1. There's nothing good on TV during the summer.
2. Oreo's are an acceptable lunch.
3. My creative fuel can indeed run out. I need to refuel.
4. My walls are naked.

With that to say, I have been on a home-sweet-home kick for a couple weeks now. Upon request, I am going to share with you some romantic, delicate, and graphical bedding to cozy up your bedroom!

5. Paper Birch Bedding
6. Clover Cover Duvet & Shams

Bedding can set the stage for a beautiful room. Don't worry so much about making things matchy-matchy. Try adding some throw pillows from Target or Ross! Get a completely different graphical sheet set for a surprise when you turn in for the night.

Check back soon for a variety of beautiful art pieces to display in your space or to give as a thoughtful gift to a loved one!

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