Friday, July 23, 2010


I looked at the calendar today, while scheduling out my week, and realized that summer is coming to a quick end. It also hit me that, unlike the four summers before, I will not be returning to beautiful Berry College to take part in the community and amazing fall colors. But to be honest...I have never felt more free, creative, and inspired. Even though I greatly adored my college experience, I really feel like everything is just beginning.

As I confessed in my earlier entry, I am in a nesting//decorating craze. I can only budget so much a month for our home (go Dave Ramsey!) and I have found myself holding onto this small amount with dear life -- just crossing my fingers that a perfect coffee table would drop out of the sky for a steal. My home wish list is way too long, and that's only accounting for the living room! I need to set my priorities: coffee table first. And now, to find a coffee table. An inexpensive, unique, fairly large, coffee table. This might take awhile. I'll have to get back to you on that.

For now, as a tribute to those going back to college or perhaps those in the same nesting dilemma as myself, here are eight cute things for your home-sweet-dorm//home//apartment.

1// No room is complete without a darling little rug to compliment your taste. 2x3 Blossoming Vines Printed Rug - $18.00 Urban Outfitters 2// Pair these clean cut little vases with your favorite single stem flower. FARM Vase - $2.99 each IKEA 3// Personalize your space with your initials! Jon and I want to put these above our night stands in our bedroom. Acid Etch Letters - $10.00 Urban Outfitters 4// This is my favorite throw pillow. It feels incredible and I love the pop of yellow and neutral gray. Perfect for a thrift store chair, bed, or couch. Peony Decorative Pillow - $24.99 Target

5// Meet Zeno! Zeno the Owl by Contemori -    $23.00 Etsy 6// I don't know about you but I love a good thrift store find. It is amazing what some paint and new hardware can do to a side table. Zinna Knob - $6.00 Anthropologie 7// Everyone needs a place to throw their keys, phone, change, jewelry, and all those little extras. Why not make it vintage chic? Vintage Scroll Vanity Catchall - $18.00 Urban Outfitters 8// Nothing can beat a good set of hooks in a small space. I love using these to put my colored scarfs on. It is convenient and it adds color to the room. Birds on a Branch Hook - $18.00 Urban Outfitters

Well, there you have it! Eight items for your little place. I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. More inspiration and creative ideas to come soon! The Wallace family is off to Alabama for double date night and a drive-in.


  1. Love it all! I could use your help in decorating my apartment, I am thinking gray, lots of purple, and a splash of bright blue.

  2. Gray is my favorite neutral. Hands down.

  3. Patrick Young24.7.10

    very nice stuff! I should totally add more to our house! Right now were mostly stuck on artwork! Paintings and wall art are what were looking at for the moment. Do you have any suggestions?

  4. these are so great savannah :) i love looking at your blog. hey so i need some new bedding for my new house... do you have any suggestions?