Monday, July 19, 2010


This weekend, I have been in a fury of creative thinking. I met with a dear friend to discuss our dreams and plans for starting up our business. We poured through design magazines and home magazines. I also spent a great deal of time collecting ideas and gathering funds to get my home-sweet-apartment in shape. I now have a plan of action. I usually dabble in a room here and there and the more I dabble, the less any room gets complete. So now, I am going to discipline myself and complete one room at a time. My first two? The kitchen (which is mostly finished) and the living room. 

I have made my list of items and projects I need to scout for and complete. Once I make a budget, I am hitting the thrift store, Ikea, Ross, TJ Max, Target, and anything else that is sure to give me a good bargain. 

One thing I would love to incorporate in my home is artwork. I think a nicely matted series of paintings from different artists in different rooms would really give our home a unique and inspiring touch. My sweet sister actually came across some darling artwork on Etsy by Nan Lawson

If you are looking for great pieces to brighten up your room, whether it is a dorm room or home, definitely make sure you scope out artists on Etsy. 

Also note: I am currently making pieces for my upcoming Etsy shop. Be on the lookout for MaieDae Handmades coming soon!

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  1. Thank you!! I love your blog too! Speaking of Nan Lawson, my boyfriend got a portrait of us made by her for my birthday this year. I love it! :)