Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Since I have had the day off to relax and catch up on dusted over "To-Do's", I have been searching around home-shopping corners of the internet in order to continue nesting my little place. I have been wanting to put up some artwork that is unique and colorful. I ran across these little beauties on Urban Outfitters' new sponsored artist community: Society6. Society6 is an international artist community representing more than 80 countries worldwide.

You can choose to have these beautiful prints printed on gallery quality canvas, iphone skins, or laptop skins and they are very affordable.

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  1. Holly Jenkins22.8.10

    This is awesome! I love your site Savannah! I've always admired your style and will definitely check out some of these links. (I've already looked at Foundling, and while they are a bit out of my price range as of right now, they will definitely be my first source for that special occasion when I'd be willing to spend a little more!)
    -Holly J