Thursday, October 14, 2010


One of my favorite things about being out of college, married, and working is the never ending nesting, decorating, arranging, and rearranging that I get to do in our cozy home-sweet-apartment. We've only been here for five months, but I just love it and will be sad to part with it sometime in the future.

Since there are still plenty of spaces that need a little love and care, I have been trying to take it one room at a time, although I must admit, I get distracted. While I am currently trying to decorate and nest my studio//guest//lounge room, I still find myself piddling around the living room and kitchen. Things ARE making progress, and that is what matters; especially when you're on a budget.

For my current project, I wanted to make two creepy bookend monkeys that we inherited from Jon's old room into something that had a little more "pop" to sit on my $30.00 thrift store desk. Don't worry, Jon approved. ;)

Here are the monkeys:

This project was very inexpensive and barely took anytime. I first bought a can of glossy white Krylon spray paint. Then I grabbed an old cardboard box to use as a "drop cloth" in order to preserve my rented patio.

Since these little monkeys have a lot of texture, curves, and dips, it definitely called for a couple of coats of spray paint. I sprayed these monkeys down with about five good coats, letting each dry in between coating.

Finally, after they dried, I put them in my studio to hold up my collection of artsy crafty books. I love how they pop and how the paint gives them a wonderful gloss. 

Much better! I love how a little spray paint can completely transform something. If you find treasures at the thrift store or have things in your home that need a little pick-me-up, just grab some good ol' Krylon.

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