Friday, October 29, 2010


I am currently in the process of building inventory in my shop for the holidays. I thought it would be perfect to offer this charming Papaya Rosette Headband to one lucky winner! This little cutie is fastened to a skinny, black stretch headband and looks great in straight, curly, or wavy hair. Wear it straight across your head or pushed back in your hair.

Like what you see? Well, you have several options: you can head on over to my Etsy shop to check out what is currently offered or enter to win this little beauty for free! Or, you could do both! Oh, and I am super excited to say that, for the Christmas season, I will offer some beautiful handmade necklaces in my shop that can be personalized for you or your loved ones. I cannot wait to show off their pretty little faces soon! Good luck on the giveaway!

Like the prize? Here are the entry details:

TO ENTER: Comment on this blog post. The more the merrier!
* BONUS QUESTION: What is your Halloween costume this year?
* GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Wednesday, November 3rd, at 12:00PM and I will select the winner using I will announce the winner on Wednesday, November 3rd, at 2:00PM!


  1. You know I always want to win whatever you post! As I said last time, I'll be buying Christmas presents for people from your shop.

    As for the bonus question, does it count if I've procrastinated and haven't decided yet? ;)

  2. bonus question: boring. nothing. we don't celebrate halloween in the islands! :(

  3. Anonymous30.10.10

    This is such a cute little accessory. And I bet it's really low-maintenance to wear (LOVE THAT!). I can't believe you make all of these by hand. I checked out your etsy shop and LOVED the poppy stuff.

    Nice work!

    ps. I already went to my Halloween Party. I was a Poison Apple and my bf was a Jelly-Fish. We actually won Best Costume Prizes!!! If you wanna see how I made the costumes, check out my blog.


  4. Bonus question: I am going as me!

  5. This is so cute!

    For Halloween, I am dressing up as a french person dressing up as a mexican. I'm pretty excited, actually.

  6. Very cute headband! Halloween: I will be at Winshape not planning on dressing up!

  7. All of your stuff is SO cute!!! When did you start this little business venture?

  8. my son's fiance would look lovely in is Nice and could be worn any day! Bonus: Nerdy cheerleader

  9. This is adorable! I love all of the items in your shop - they're totally my style. I'm so happy to "friend" you as I'm sure I'll be doing some Christmas shopping at MaieDae!

    PS: to answer your question, I didn't dress up for halloween. I just had dreams of dressing up like a cute flapper (Boardwalk Empire style).

  10. Madi Thornton2.11.10

    mhmm :) red is sometimes my favorite color. i love this.
    bonus....a hopefully more interesting/indie me for the jonsi concert.

  11. Anonymous2.11.10

    This is really cute, I am currently trying out new stuff for my hair and this is kinda what I was aiming for but couldn't find's quite creative to be honest. Well, for the bonus question I ended up staying home with my family to watch a movie and be with my mom to celebrate her birthday :)

  12. I went as a Roy Lichenstein (spelling is definitely not accurate probably) 40's comic book character. Pretty fun.

  13. Anonymous3.11.10

    LoVe IT!--Ani

  14. i love this! and just got my hair cut off so need some cute hair accessories...