Thursday, October 07, 2010


We all have our vices, and like the best of them...I am guilty as charged. The following eight items are things that are essential to my everyday life. These are tools, and frankly comforts, that I have grown to adore like a little girl who loves her Barbie collection, dream house and all!
1// Macbook Pro: Sure, I love the Macbook for its sleek look and user friendly operating system, but most importantly, I love my laptop because it is my portal into creative resources, home ideas, connections, inspiration, starting up a small business, bills (uuh not so much), vendors, photography...really I could go on and on. 

2// By far my favorite blog in the universe. I check it on a daily basis and get too excited when they have a new post on gourds or a room they designed. I love to see how they do renovations and projects in their home. Both (husband and wife) blog for a full-time job! Doing what you are passionate about full-time? Count me in!

3// Pointed-Toe Flats: I think I am going on my 7th year of wearing these on a consistent basis. Do not worry, not the same pair. Although my dear friends, Jenny and Anica, would contest that they literally had to hold me down and throw out an old pair that was way past their expiration date. Now, I try to get in a better habit of changing them out and keeping them fresh. Right now I have six pairs, including a great blue pair I nabbed from Plato's Closet for $3.00.

4// Photoshop: The fact that I spend approximately 25 hours a week on this program for CFA corporate, Maiedae, and other projects tells you exactly why it is on this list. 

5// Moleskine Graphed Journal: I'm never without this handy little notebook. I keep everything from MaieDae ideas, church notes, books to read, goals, date night thoughts, to To-Do lists, etc. Check out my blog on Art Journaling for more information. 

6// Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion: This stuff is too neat to pass up. I originally was introduced to this product in Sephora about two years ago with Jenny. This is how the magic happens: you put it on your eye lids before you apply your shadow, liner and mascara. Then, you apply your make-up and it will stay put exactly as you have it for the entire day. No creasing!! It is amazing and worth every penny. Not to mention, it makes your eye shadow appear more vibrant. Three cheers for pigment!

7// DroidX: I used to own an iPhone and while I loved my time with it, I had to make the leap and transfer over to Verizon in order to form a family plan with my husband. I decided to get the DroidX, and although it takes a little longer to get used to, the more I learn how to utilize it the more I really love it. Smart phones are amazing for the pure fact that you can have your music, social networking, pictures, camcorder, calendar, email, phone, and much more all on one device, at your fingertips. 

8// The Nest Magazine: Although magazines as a whole would be in this category, The Nest is by far my favorite and most anticipated magazine. It only comes out quarterly, which makes me sit on the edge of my seat even more, but I love how it features organization tips, home decor tricks, recipes, newlywed tips, and numerous other ideas for being a young adult. They recently released this magazine to the newsstands so you can pick one up at your local Target or Walmart.

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