Friday, September 30, 2011

Stacked Wedding Bands

During my time at the Indie Craft Parade, I was able to meet Betsy, the extremely talented jewelry maker behind Foundling. I've mentioned Foundling several times on my blog before. I'm always a huge fan of her beautiful work and I wanted to share my favorite and latest purchase. :)

I love to proudly wear my engagement & and wedding rings that Jon picked out for me. :) I've recently been keeping an eye out for some beautiful silver stacking pieces to add to my rings. I've been eyeing Betsy's stacked rings for a couple months and, during the craft show, finally put in a custom order to get five little bands. I had the option to pick between the oxidized silver (shown above) but decided to go with the bright silver to match my other bands. 

They are so petite and I love how the hammering adds some texture to the pieces. So pretty! The pictures don't do the shine and sparkle justice. :) 

I also love the fact that I can now mix-and-match my rings for a simple or full glam look. ;)

On a complete side note, I am SO excited about this weekend! I'm going up with Jenny and her boyfriend, Drew to visit our alma mater, Berry College. This weekend is a huge weekend for Berry and tons of students and alumni get together to celebrate Mountain Day with picnics, fairs, and fellowship with old friends. I'm planning to take my new camera (!!!) and snap lots of pretty pictures to share. I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. 

Happy October Eve!


  1. Love this idea! Keeps your wedding band fresh.

    ♥ sécia

  2. Oh wow, I love how that looks- I've never seen stacked wedding bands like that before, it's stunning!


  3. I also proudly display my engagement/wedding ring (it's one in the same! LOVE IT!!!) This is so beautiful and so sparkly, hehe.

  4. I LOVE foundling! Chris bought me their Mama stacked rings for Christmas last year! ...And I love Rome! I know several people that went to Berry - beautiful campus!

  5. I love your rings. I can't wait to do something similar. xo, rv

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