Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Jon and I always budget an "allowance" for ourselves every month. We do our best to be financially on top of things and we've been working hard for 19-ish months to pay off my students loans. We started with ten and we are down to 4. Whooo!! But we've got big plans for the future and we're trying to stay smart when it comes to money. Having an allowance has been an awesome way for us to treat ourselves and save for the things we really want. Right now, I'm saving my pennies for a new dining room in August//September, so I've been extra good lately. However, this collection of fancy items I put together isn't helping much! I'm about 3 minutes away from giving in and buying those beautiful Jessica Simpson platforms...

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1. I'm in love with this bedding from Anthro. I've been dreaming up ideas for our bedroom when we move to the townhouse and I'm picturing this bedding with a steal canopy bed and lots of wood and industrial elements. 
2. Can this dress be in my closet?? 
3. My iPhone might need a little update. I'm loving this beautiful mint case. 
4. Perfect little deer hook for keys! What a great entryway piece. 
5. Colorful sheets!
6. My dream Jessica Simpson platforms.
7. These geometric sandals would be perfect in the summer with a maxi!
8. The fanciest camera straps I've ever seen from Bloom Theory.
9. Fantasizing about my future garden. I have zero experience in gardening, but I'm planning an herb and succulent garden for the town home. :) 


  1. Succulents are SO pretty. I want some so so bad. Gotta make a Lowe's stop next month! Also, I admit, that dress is gorgeous and that phone case is straight out of a fairy-tale love story. ♥

    Jen and I have a tight budget, $465 a month - total. Luckily we have food stamp money too! We always make room for "bills", like medical, etc. and we pay Jen's dad $30 a month. For June, we have my dad and her dad to buy for, for Father's Day. Other than that, the rest is for pet stuff, cleaning, etc. and of course, fun money!

  2. Anonymous23.5.12

    I have always loved those JS platforms but I'd be an amazon in them! Those sandals are SO cute! <3

    1. I've really been into flatforms lately. Some are... eh. Some are absolutely ADORABLE! (I can't walk well in heels, haha.)

  3. wowowow super cool stuff I especially love that iphone case! Awesome!


  4. breath taking.

  5. Oh my I love that bedding and those sheets. And if I had an iphone that is the only case I could ever see myself using. So pretty!

  6. I'm slowly working to pay down my student loans too, but since the mister is about to add to it by going to college it might take a bit longer now. I can definitely see why you might have to wait a bit longer on the dining room, because that's quite a list of goodies to stare at.

    Those camera straps are great. I've had my eye on a few too, but I'm thinking of saving a bit of money & making my own with some of my crafting stash of fabrics.

  7. Those platforms are beautiful!!! As is the flowered bedding!! Beautiful finds!! xo

  8. Thank you so much for posting- I just bought the mint iPhone case. I love it!
    Now I'm lusting after that bedding!!
    We are in the process of a move so we are getting alllll new stuff.
    Maybe I can convince my husband :) (giveaway happening now!!)

  9. Anonymous26.5.12

    I'm proud of you for creating a budget and sticking to it - it definitely helps when you have something you're aiming to buy :) Love the collection of things that you put together, have a great weekend!