Saturday, September 29, 2012


Last week I was able to make a couple purchases for the dining room from my wishlist. One of the last pieces of furniture we needed, aside from 2 chairs for the ends of the table, was a buffet style table to go up against the right wall. We wanted a space we could put food, beverages, snacks, etc., when guests came over, as well as a multi-purpose place for things like my record player. Here's to hoping it doesn't become my messy pile collector surface! 

You can see that I did a *little* decorating, which I suspect will greatly change once all of the other pieces are purchased and I get some help with the "surface decorating" (i.e. table, buffet table, cabinet), this is and I think will forever be my greatest decorating weakness. I'm good at picking out what I love, and putting together the larger pieces, but when it comes to surface decorating and gathering things into aesthetically pleasing groups...gah! I need some professional help. Over the course of decorating this dining room I can guarantee you right now that all of those things will change...probably at least 5-10 more times. ;) 

Oh! And I finally was able to purchase my missing light bulb. I found a small selection of vintage inspired light bulbs at Lowe's for a good price, so now my light fixture has fancy filaments. Below are a couple shots of my work-in-progress cabinet decorating. I couldn't find a good piece for the bottom left space so I just borrowed Kaito who was a great window model. ;) The little guy LOVES getting into anything I open: closets, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms...he stayed in there for 20 minutes before he asked to be let out. What a funny little guy. ;)

BUT I LOVE the buffet table. This table is supposed to be used as a TV entertainment piece, but I thought it would be the perfect size for this space. I got it at World Market, one of my new favorite home shops and had it delivered. It took me 15 minutes last night to put together and is very sturdy. I love the wheels, metal and texture of the wood. World Market FTW! 

Updated List of To-Do's for the Dining Room:
* Finish buying 1-2 pieces of art for the walls.
* Find mix-matched frames for "art wall".
* Purchase a rug. 
* Get two more window panels for the curtain rod to give it more fullness. 
* Find giant antique frame for menu project above buffet table.
* Find two end chairs for the table. Fabric? Leather? 
* Decorate the cabinet, tabletop and buffet with pretty things. 

Want to see where I started? Follow all of my dining room progress and inspiration boards here

If you have any tips on decorating my cabinet or buffet table, or any surface for that matter, I'm all ears! :) I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday. Jon and I are planning a relaxing rest of the day and a semi-scary movie night! 


  1. It's looking SO wonderful so far! I have those matching side tables from World Market! I was debating getting the console table as well for a while, mainly to hold my record player. Great minds :)

    Can't wait to see it all come together!

  2. Wow I love it all!


  3. How beautiful! The decor is simple, but still very lovely. Wonderful inspiration!


  4. I love all these pieces. I wish we had a display cabinet. We have so little space to display anything.

  5. Anonymous1.10.12

    I literally just took a picture of that on my phone at World Market to remind myself to think about it. You're convincing me! I love it here...

    - Kate

  6. Your condo saga makes me want to buy a home so bad! Haha, I'm craving space for beautiful pieces like these! That buffet table is amazing, I love it.

    As for decorating surfaces I suggest looking at objects and grouping objects just like you are critiquing a piece of art -- Look for composition and symmetry/asymmetry. A good rule is to make groups of three objects of varying heights. Smile and Wave has an e-course you can take on decorating your home and she talks a lot about this! I would highly suggest it. :)

  7. Everything looks great! Love the vibe of the room. And Kaito had me cracking up. Cats are total nuts! haha! Our kitty Zoe was such a character...I miss her. :( We have two chihuahuas which are another story! Talk about loons! Never a dull moment! Such over-thinkers!

    Nothing happens over night..especially with decor. As it shouldn't. It can get frustrating...but in the long run you will not only being creating a beautiful personal space...but establishing your own unique style and recipe for design.

    Have fun! I'll be following along!

    xo Jenny