Sunday, November 11, 2012


This weekend was so busy and so fun! Jenny came over early on Friday and we spent two full days DIYing, planning, taking pictures, and preparing for some great holiday posts on each of our blogs! On Friday night we pulled the tent out of storage and set it up in the living room. After a full workday, a "camp-out" was just what we needed; that and plenty of cocoa and Vampire Diaries. ;) On Saturday night, we went to see my sister play a lead roll in her high-school play, "The 39-Steps". It was hilarious and Kelsie reminded me of Judy adorable.

This morning Jon and I woke up early and met up with Jenny and Drew to take pictures with the lovely Danielle of Valimont Photography. Jenny and Drew took their holiday pictures together and Jon and I got our pictures taken afterward, then Jenny and I took some new photos for Maiedae. I can't wait to show you! The little coffee shop we were in was the most beautiful, quaint, little place. We were in love with every chair and vintage piece in there. It will be great to update our photos!

Snapshot(s) of the Week: 1// Beautiful gift in the mail from Moorea. Love her and her creations. 2// My favorite Essie colors this season: Skirting the Issue, Lollipop and Sand Tropez. 3// A little acorn collection. 4// The final prints for my dining room arrived!! I can finally share the completed art collage with you this week!

5 Favorite Posts:
* Leather & Denim by Kelli Murray
* Why I Decided to Use My Own Name for My Brand by Moorea Seal
* DIY: Dip Dye by A Merry Mishap
* Create the Best Graphic Logo by Alt Design
* Baby Proofing Your Stylish Living Room by Oh Joy!

Favorite Blog of the Week:
* Dear Friend, - Beautiful blog by artist and illustrator Rebekka Seale.

Inspiring Me this Week:
I'm feeling inspired to get things done, finish decorating my dining room, start decorating my living room, go Christmas shopping, bake, be with family and friends...and spend lots of time with my beau.

3 Things About Yours Truly:
* As Jenny pointed out this weekend, when I buy products, I always pick the one behind the first. So if I'm buying a new scarf, instead of just grabbing the one in front, I'll remove the front one and get the one behind it and put the front one back. This also applies to groceries and any other purchases...weird??
* I would love to take more classes in photography and grow in my skills.
* I've officially kept my red hair longer than any other color in the past six years.


  1. hehe I loved Kelli's post too! I need to start collecting little acorns :)


  2. Those prints for your dining room are fabulous! I also adore having DIY craft date with fellow bloggers!

  3. I love how decorative a little acorn - or three - can be! They are one of my newest "favorites." Also, I totally agree - Moorea is amazing! Your necklace is *gorgeous*!

  4. my Grandma taught me never to take the front item... I think because that's the one everyone picks up to look at and if you go farther back you get a "clean" one :)

    1. that's exactly what i'm thinkin! makes sense. those grandmas, they know what they're talking about ;)

    2. haha I do the exact same thing. I always think the one behind is better/cleaner.

  5. I always pick the behind one everytime I wanna buy something. So, you're not the only one! ;)

  6. Anonymous12.11.12

    I have to agree with your nail color picks- they are so classic and lovely! Good taste.

  7. I don't do it with groceries, but I try not to take the front magazine or clothes. I feel like the front one is what most people look at and try on, so there's more chance of it being damaged.

  8. I don't think that's weird at all. I do that too! :) I do it with groceries and clothing shopping as well as magazines. I like to get the freshest item, that no one has touched!

  9. I know it's not your photo, but I can't believe people are still putting hipsters in headdresses on things. It is super offensive to most of the native community, and just as easy to not do it.