Monday, November 05, 2012


The last time I shared a progress report on our dining room was after we purchased our industrial buffet table. Although the process has been slow, I've been able to find my artwork, buy frames, get them placed on the wall (thanks to Jenny!), start building a frame for a special piece of work, do some more decorating, AND find our chairs. :)

At first I was planning to pick up some colorful chairs, possibly from a thrift store or another more inexpensive place...and I was pretty set on the chairs being at the ends of the table. A couple Sundays ago, Jon and I took a trip to World Market to try out some chairs I had an eye on during one of their furniture sales. The chairs I thought might look best turned out to be uncomfortable-- especially for my 6'3" husband. :) BUT we found a set of beautiful velvety, cement-colored, high-back chairs. After a little back and forth, we decided to go ahead and get them. It took probably two good days of looking at them, putting them at the ends of the table, putting them side-by-side and trying a couple different configurations before we settled on the "benched" look. The right side of the room is a little "heavier" looking, so having them anchor the left side of the room makes it look so much better AND allows a great view of the art collage, which I will show you soon!

The chairs are SO comfortable. On the days I work from home or do work for Maiedae, I sit in them. Kaito cuddles up in one and Kyo usually snuggles up behind me. I love how they add comfort to our industrial look. It feels welcoming and like a place I would want to sit, sip cocoa, and write in my Moleskine.

I love seeing how the dining room has progressed and how some of my original thoughts have changed since my first inspiration board brainstorming. I can't wait to show you some of the other details and the final look! My goal is to have everything completed by December 1st. Jon and I are planning to throw a small Thanksgiving dinner with some of our friends and we hope to host it in a finished dining room!

Updated List of To-Do's for the Dining Room:
* Replace current curtains with four new panels for the curtain rod to give it more fullness. 
* Finish handmade frame for art piece above buffet table.
* Decorate the cabinet, tabletop and buffet with pretty things. 
* Put final two pieces of artwork in frames for the art collage. 
* Create candle DIY for top of cabinet.
* Replace outlet plates and hardware.
* Create menu//calendar or find a clock for the small wall space next to the curtains.

If you'd like to follow along with my dining room progress, click here!

I hope the start of your week has been wonderful! I'm looking forward to meeting with Emily and Jenny this evening to talk about Maiedae's brand and some fun marketing plans! Happy November!


  1. i love the highbacks!
    and cute kitty :)

  2. So glad that I just found your blog! I'm your newest follower. I adore the look of mismatched dining room chairs, especially some plush and some industrial like yours!

  3. Lovely pictures! great ideas


  4. It's all coming together beautifully. Love the table you ended up choosing! And the chairs look great.