Friday, July 12, 2013


A couple months ago I stumbled upon this neat post about creating a plan when things get overwhelming called The Sanity Manifesto. I read over it a couple times and really appreciated the ideas and thoughtfulness behind it. I've always loved having a "plan" and I've always been a huge list person. Making a list of projects I want to accomplish for the summer, making a list of to-dos before a meeting, writing out lists and lists of ideas. That's one of the reasons the idea of The Sanity Manifesto really appealed to me.

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Life can get overwhelming. In good ways and in not-so-awesome-ways. You can suddenly have a lot on your plate, major life changes can occur, or you can just be feeling under the weather. In any case, life sometimes calls for a little sanity. Lately, I've been a little under the weather and thinking a lot about things I can do to be peaceful, love on myself, and love on others. I decided to take the idea of a Sanity Manifesto and create my own list of things that I can do to make myself feel sane and happy. Here are some of the things on my Sanity Manifesto:

1// light a candle

2// have a no-plans day and simply go with the flow

3// spend time reading books, magazines, and looking at creative things

4// don't stay in bed all day, it'll just make you feel worse

5// spend time with "your people", those that are the closest to you and encourage you

6// make lists of things you look forward to and things you're grateful for

7// watch comedies and do things to make yourself laugh

8// try something new

9// have a pamper night

10// write someone you love a letter or do something special for them

11// go on a date with your significant other

12// take a break from things that are adding too much stress

13// slow down

14// spend time in quiet

15// reward yourself for accomplishing big tasks and projects

16// be honest with yourself

17// journal or scrapbook memories

18// balance your "no's" and your "yes's"

19// eat good and healthy food, also have some treats every now and then

20// take time to be creative and brainstorm exciting ideas and goals

What kind of things would you put on your Sanity Manifesto? I would love to see yours! Feel free to create one of your own and include your link in the comment section below. I think this is such a great thing to create for yourself and tuck away for those extra days of needed sanity. :)

Happy weekend, friends!! I hope it's relaxing and full of joy!

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