Monday, July 29, 2013


It has been an insane week! Lots and lots going on over at the Wallace household. I'm sitting here realizing that we started looking at houses about a week and a half ago...We've seen so many houses and done so much since then, it feels like I've known our Realtor my whole life and that we've seen 30 something houses. In reality we've seen about a dozen...Just to give a little update, we found a house we are crazy about, but waiting on lots of things to see if it will come through. I'll be sure to keep you updated and share as soon as we know more. :) In the meantime, our landlord is working on selling the condo we're in, so we're in the middle of making a lot of changes and prepping to have people over to see the condo. It's really motivating us to get the move-out-house-buying process going quicker so we (1) don't have to be around a long time while the condo is up for sale and (2) have plenty of time to settle before baby comes in February. Crazy! But exciting. :)

As far as baby updates go, I'm 13 weeks today, yippee! We got to hear the heartbeat on Thursday, which was so beautiful and comforting. Aside from feeling crazy hormonal, I'm feeling so blessed and excited. I can hardly wait to know the gender and go crazy buying stuff for the nursery. Ahh!

Aside from home and baby, we've had a hefty handful of busyness and stresses lately, so Jon and I are doing our best to take time to relax, have needed date nights and de-stress time. Overall, we are feeling hopeful and excited. AND on Friday, Jenny and I are leaving for Austin to attend TxSC! Can't wait!

Snapshots from Last Week: 1// A shot from the house we love, this is the sun-room. So much light! 2// Bath bomb from a pamper night. 3// Sweet little mocs from Freshly Picked! Can't wait to put these on baby Wallace. 4// Face.

Favorite Posts/Pins/Articles:
* Planning to make this yummy zucchini bread soon!
* Cutting Your Own Hair by Delightfully Tacky
* Really cool/easy way to make mobile apps for events, conferences, etc.
* Really excited about this book! So amazed and inspired by these ladies!
* While we're on the topic, check out this amazing photography post!
* Just started reading Happier at Home and really loving it so far!

Inspiring Me this Week: 
* I have been extra crazy over the Young House Love blog lately. It's always been a favorite of mine and I've been a reader for quite a few years, but recently I've been obsessed. It's probably due to us wanting to buy a house and make awesome updates to it. You HAVE to check out their projects's insane and amazing.

3 Things About Yours Truly:
* My pregnancy cravings have been more geared towards what I see and what people say. If I see an Oreo on Instagram or hear someone talking about a delicious bagel sandwich, that is what I need now.
* I really dislike crawl spaces and the idea of trees falling on my house and crushing me in my sleep.
* I cut my husband's hair with kitchen shears. One day we'll invest in good scissors. ;)

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