Sunday, July 14, 2013


Jon and I are SO SO SO excited to finally announce that we are having a baby!!!!! Little Wallace is due on February 3rd. We found out we were pregnant extremely early and have been bursting at the seams waiting to announce our big news to family and friends. :) It has been so wonderful telling loved ones along the way and remembering their reactions and excitement.

I'm currently 11 weeks along and definitely ready for the "honeymoon" phase of the second trimester. We've felt so blessed and so thrilled. We can't wait to see little Wallace in 2014! Jon has been so sweet and caring to me during this time. He's learned how to do pregnancy massages, makes sure I eat good food, and constantly reminds me to drink my water. He's so excited to be a dad, and I'm so thankful for a wonderful and loving husband. I'm totally crazy for my man! This will be my parents' first grandchild and his parents' second, so there's a lot of excitement buzzing around our family right now. As well, my friends have been so supportive and excited for us. They've even let me share all the nitty-gritty/weird symptoms I've been experiencing. It's been hard work building a human, but I'm so amazed at how beautiful our bodies were created, and how they know exactly what to do. I've had many, "Oh my gosh, there's a human growing inside of me..." moments.

A couple weeks ago, we got to see the little gummy bear or "baby-do" as we've lovingly started calling it, during an ultrasound. We had known for several weeks already that we were pregnant but being able to finally see that precious heartbeat, beating away, and see its little tiny arms and feet wiggle took our breath away. I tried not to laugh or get too excited so I wouldn't ruin the picture, but we both just smiled like goofs. It was such a special moment.

Although I've never been one to journal a ton, I've been making sure to record these special moments along the way. (As well as all of the things I've been feeling, both good and bad.)

I've been so excited to share this news with all of you!! We can't wait to meet little Wallace "baby-do" soon!!!!!

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