Monday, August 12, 2013


It's been a week of insanity. Aside from having pregnancy hormones that make me want to break out crying at the drop of a hat, we've been packing, buying new appliances, hosting friends, spending time with family, and going through lots of changes, some good some not so good. My focus this week has been to rest and not let myself get too stressed, take advantage of my productive moods, and spend lots of time with Jon. On a really happy note, I'm 15 weeks today which is CRAZY. I can't believe how quickly time is flying by. In just 5 short weeks I'll be halfway through my pregnancy. My bump is starting to be a lot more noticeable which is exciting. We can't wait to find out the gender and start preparing the nursery. :)

Snapshots of the Week: 1// Sweet Kaito face. 2// Smoothies all the time. Loving chocolate and banana! 3// Favorite nighttime products currently. 4// Favorite lunch spot with friends. 

Favorite Posts/Pins/Articles: 
* This is pretty much the coolest thermostat in the world - geek alert! 
* I've been thinking a lot about homemade mac and cheese lately. This recipe by ABM looks amazing! 
* One of my best friends, Leah, (who also works for Maiedae) is such a great writer and so awesome in general, if you haven't taken a look at her beauty/lifestyle blog you need to! 
* Love Katie's advice on backless dresses, so clever!
* Also, Elizabeth has a new puppy and she's SO FREAKING CUTE!  
* Is it weird that I really want a fun laundry room? I just like the idea of a nice fresh space that you actually enjoy doing laundry in. ;) 

Inspiring Me this Week:
I've been in a crazy nesting mood lately. Since I'm holding out for when we move, I've been looking at magazines, surfing the internet and sketching out ideas for every room. I'm so excited! Jon and I even spent some date time going to Lowe's together, which is just crazy for us, but we can't wait to have a place of our own. :) 

3 Things About Yours Truly: 
* Just started watching "Orange is the New Black" after hearing so many good things about it.
* I love reading Buzz Feed in the morning. 
* My appetite has been insane during the second trimester! I'm so hungry! 

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