Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Today was a BIG day! This morning Jon and I woke up, put on something fancy, drove to an attorney's office, signed our signature a bazillion times, and became first-time homeowners!!! Of course we celebrated by getting a late breakfast at Panera. ;) It's been a super exciting day. The feeling of being responsible and owning a place of our own is amazing. We've been renting for three years and often felt like we were investing in nothing. It was hard month after month writing our renter's check knowing it wasn't going into any type of investment. It was also difficult in general to be motivated to paint or make our rental "home" knowing any money we invested into it wouldn't mean anything. Don't get me wrong, renting during our first years of marriage was great. We loved our first little apartment together, we've enjoyed this condo...but we seriously can't wait to move into our HOME.

We knew this home was ours when we first saw it. We walked in and the whole place just came to life. We imagined raising our family there, having Christmas, entertaining friends, kids playing in the backyard, making chalk sketches in the driveway, adventures, life lessons, tears, and joy. Knowing this is the place we will raise our family and grow together is so exciting. We love the neighborhood, we love how close it is to our families and we love that this home is something we can grow into. We are feeling so blessed, so thankful, and so excited!!

These next two weeks will be crazy. We aren't planning to officially move in for another couple of days because we want to get some flooring replaced and some walls painted beforehand. We've also got a lot of cleaning to do! I cannot wait to share photos with you and share our vision for how we plan to make it home. We have a major to-do list before Baby Wallace makes an appearance in February and I plan to blog about the entire process. Be on the lookout for pictures soon!!!

Photo Credit: Illustration by Shop the Clock Design

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