Friday, August 09, 2013


It's good to be 14.5 weeks along! As usual, the first trimester was difficult. I was blessed to not have extreme nausea but the worst part of it for me was the complete lack of motivation to do absolutely anything. See my 1st trimester journal here. I spent A LOT of time laying around in bed. I am so grateful for this little one growing away in my tummy, AND I'm thankful that my 1st trimester is behind me! I've been feeling a world of difference lately. My nausea is gone, my energy is back and I'm starting to get into the nesting mode. I'm not allowed to nest until we move into our new house so I'm holding out and pinning to my heart's desire. ;)

I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite "survival" necessities that I found extremely comforting and helpful during my first trimester:

1// Cute Pajamas - I felt like I lived in my pajamas during the 1st trimester. If I didn't have to go anywhere, PJs it was! Living in your PJs week after week can really make you feel down. Hunt down your cutest and favorite pair of PJs hiding in your closet or make a little "you time" trip to the store to buy a couple pieces. Might as well look cute while you feel puke-ish. ;)

2// Remote Control - For obvious reasons. ;) I'm not ashamed to say that I had my husband move our television up to our bedroom. Since we don't have cable, I spent ALOT of time watching movies and browsing shows on Netflix and Hulu. My favorite show to catch up on was "How I Met Your Mother". It's good to have a marathon show you enjoy that also makes you giggle. Also, beware of The Little Mermaid or any other slightly emotional might make you burst out in tears. (King Triton was so kind to let his daughter marry the love of her life....he's really. going. to....miissss herrrr *cries*) 

3// Ginger snaps & other snacks! - The best advice I got to help with the nausea was never letting your stomach get empty no matter how much you didn't want to eat. I certainly had a lot of food aversions but noticed a huge difference when I tried to eat every 2-3 hours. I'd usually turn over around 7 or 8 in the morning, snack on a few ginger snaps or saltines just to get something in my tummy before I started my day. Don't go too long in-between meals if you can help it or you might be sad and sick feeling. :(

4// Bath Bombs - LUSH is pretty much my favorite, so I knew I'd find some good natural comfort in their products during my pregnancy. I loved using their bath bombs during a rough day to have some extra relaxation time. I definitely sat my iPad on the toilet seat and watched Hulu during bath-time too. ;)

5// Facial Wipes - Not that it's good to be lazy or anything, but when you're growing a human you need to give yourself a little mercy. Most of the time during my 1st trimester I used these wipes to get all the make-up and dirt off my face from the day. They are quick and easy to use, which meant I could crawl back into bed sooner!

6// Baby Lips - Things on your body just get dry and tired just like you. I was a chapstick-o-holic during the 1st trimester and was alway reaching for soothing lip balm whenever I could.

7// Belly Laughs - This is one of the first books I read after finding out I was pregnant. Jenny's pregnancy experience was certainly different from mine but it was hilarious to read about all the nitty gritty. She is hilarious. It's important to have some serious laugh time. It makes you feel loads better. :)

8// Cocoa Butter - Go ahead and get started now! This stuff smells and feels great. I'm super blessed to say my husband is good at massages so after he learned a little bit about giving safe pregnancy massages and using this stuff, it made me feel SO much better. I've been getting a lot of back pain so it was defiantly relieving. Also, it just feels nice to keep your skin moisturized during this time!

9// Water Bottle - I love my BKR bottle. I'd much rather drink out of glass than metal or plastic. I also love that this bottle has a cap, so when you're swinging yourself up out of the bed in the morning to pee for the 173rd time you won't make a mess when you knock it over. ;) They also come in pretty colors, which is awesome.

10// Body Pillow - I love my Leachco body pillow. Although I'm not massive yet, this really helped me get comfortable during the 1st trimester and start getting used to sleeping on my side. It did make Jon a little jealous though. It's like a giant pillow fortress of comfort.

Every pregnancy is different, but I hope some of these tips might help you out during your 1st trimester.  I'd LOVE to hear your 1st trimester survival must-haves! Please feel free to share in the comment section below. :) Happy weekend, friends!

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