Friday, January 24, 2014


I'm just sitting here, as pregnant as can be! Let's be real, at this point in the game I'm so done...haha. I've loved this experience so much but now that it's at that "at any moment" phase of the game, I'm so anxious to just meet him. Having the flu a week ago kinda put me off my feet and drained that "nesting energy" I had going on. Now I'm just uncomfortable constantly and at the same time having that Christmas morning feeling, except this time Christmas isn't on a specified day or time. All of this is really very surreal. I "know" I'm pregnant...I "know" there's a baby in there...but it's just not a reality for me yet and I just can't imagine that moment.

I've pushed the pause button on outfit posts and getting ready in general and I've been taking full advantage of some down time before "go time"! At first I felt bad about it, but now I'm realizing it's totally ok and good for me.

I never imagined that this part of the pregnancy would be this emotional or difficult. I tend to consider myself a very patient person, but waiting has been so hard! Especially since his nursery is ready, our bags are packed and we're 100% ready for this baby to make an appearance! I'm trying to keep myself busy, but honestly I just want to watch a marathon of Parenthood, eat Valentine's day candy, wear my husbands PJs and veg out, so that's what I'm doing. ;)

We are 10 days away from due date and I had my doctor's appointment this morning. Things are moving along smoothly and we're all crossing our fingers for an appearance within the next 5 days. -- If not, one of Jon's co-workers told him about an Italian restaurant in Atlanta that serves a mean eggplant parmesan, promised to make a woman go into labor within 48 hours. They even have an eggplant baby wall! Maybe that will be our next date night if he isn't here by Wednesday! ;) -- All joking aside, I want him to come when he's ready and be healthy, I'm just SOOO excited to meet him.

On a side note, I've got some great guest posts lined up from some awesome mommas while I'm away. I'm planning to continue blogging once he arrives, I'll just be blogging a little less for a little while. -- If you'd like the latest baby news and updates be sure to follow me on Instagram, I'll probably be posting a lot there first before blogging about it and sharing an obnoxious amount of baby can find me at @savannahmaiedae. :)

OH! One last thing, my business partner and beautiful best friend just added some amazing prints to her calligraphy shop! You need some of these prints, they are stunning!

Love you all lots!!

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