Thursday, January 16, 2014


I've posted a lot of little baby updated here and there since getting back from the holidays but I wanted to make sure I did at least one more diaries post while this little one is still inside me. :) After little Soren arrives, I'm planning to continue a "mommy diaries" type of post series to take place of this one. Just a place to share stories and candid thoughts with you about being a new mommy. :)

The above photo was taken at 35weeks, I totally need to squeeze in a 38week bump-date soon! 

We are just a few days away from week 38, and I'm sitting here in unbelief that I could be meeting our sweet baby boy at any point now. It's been such an exciting adventure since finding out in May and it's finally gotten to this place where I can start to imagine Jon and I cuddling him, smelling the top of his head, finally seeing what he looks like, and letting him hold our fingers with his tiny grasp. Not to mention being able to share him with the people we love. Soren will never know what it's like not to be loved. He already has amazing grandparents, aunts, uncles, adopted family members, AND a little best friend on the way (we can't wait to meet Rowan in May!!!). I completely adore my family and have been so blessed to see it grow over the years after marrying Jon. I never really grew up with grandparents or close aunts and uncles so the idea of being able to give my child that type of family and legacy has been something that has held so much meaning to me.

I know it will be hard to share him at first. I'm having a hard time imagining him out of my arms or Jon's arms in the beginning, but I can't wait for him to share life with so many incredible people and family members. I can't wait to see who he will become and what he will learn. :)

Now let's get onto thoughts about labor and delivery! A hot topic in my mind lately. ;) Last time I went to the doctor she was pleased with the status of my cervix and said that I was already 2cm dilated, baby's head was low, things were thinning out and moving forward, which is awesome! That was about 2 weeks ago and I have another appointment scheduled for tomorrow, so we'll see if anymore progress has been made or if things are looking the same.

I have a lot of suspicions about my labor...first of all, I'm feeling very calm. Jon and I took a very in-depth child-birthing class at our hospital and if anything, walked away feeling very informed about the hospital experience, intervention possibilities, and a wide variety of things to potentially expect. I think all of that information made me feel good and have an "I can do this!" attitude. Being surprised, having no idea what's going on and being uniformed makes me more nervous, so that was definitely a great thing for us. Jon also left those classes feeling confident in being a good coach and understanding what he can help me with during that time. SO, back to my suspicions...while my plan is to go in and be adaptable, the history of the mamas in my family show a lot of quick "let's get this show on the road" labors. Part of me is trying to prepare myself for a longer labor and another part of me is trying to prepare myself for a quick labor...I think that's probably the scariest part of going into this process, is having absolutely NO IDEA what to expect! BUT I do truly believe that the discomfort that comes along with the 3rd trimester and the excitement of wanting to meet your little one makes it less scary. While the whole hospital/labor/giving birth makes me a little wide-eyed and sweaty...knowing how purposeful and temporary it is, and the amazing "prize" at the end, really takes almost 100% of my fears away.

SO, speaking of the good ol' third trimester...I would have to say that it's been the most uncomfortable/exciting trimester of them all. Sleep is hard, emotions are still up and down, my back KILLS, it's almost pointless for me to be comfortable, bending over is not happening. ;) Jon helps me get dressed a lot which is too sweet! My tummy is BIG, Soren is running out of room and I'm wondering how big this little guy is going to end up being. Jon was a 10 pound baby (and he was early!) and I was a healthy 8 pounder...The Wallace's and Jones's aren't known for producing wee little I'm crossing my fingers he isn't a giant! ;)

One of my favorite things about this trimester has been  the "nesting instinct" as they call it...and boy, oh boy have I gotten it bad! This has been awesome for me since the first two trimesters were really difficult on my energy and motivation levels. Believe me when I tell you I've been taking full advantage of any burst of energy I get! I'm currently wishing I could bottle these energy spurts and use them for the rest of my life...all my home projects would be done in no time!

To wrap things up, I have no idea what I'm going to do on this blog right after Soren comes. I'd like to think I'll be posting updates and popping in here and there and that's currently my plan! I might get a few people to help with guest posts, too, but haven't quiet decided what type of posts I'd like while I'm away...anywhoo...once baby is born, the best way to get the latest "news" and see his squishy face would be via my Instagram account - savannahmaiedae, be sure to follow me there to stay updated!!

Love you all lots. Please send prayers, air hugs and best wishes my way for the upcoming weeks!

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